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Monday, January 24, 2022

Different Types of Colocasia (Taro) / Elephant Ears Plants


Most of the plant identifying details are listed in the earlier posting of this blog. Here I want to showcase the unique features of the foliage display of all the different types of Colocasia arranged together in the foliage display where the coloration tones are slightly shaded in appearance.

I must say that I had found that this particular plant changes its coloration often due to the amount of light it receives - too bright sunlight and the darker the leaves and too shaded, it reverts to green and the balance between both coloration when lacking nutrients where it makes it's own food in the photosynthesis. (hence the green coloration on the foliage)

Here in the collection are Black Magic, Black Coral, Black Ripple, Illustrris, Tea cup  Alocasia, Black Stem Alocasia and Xanthosoma species.

Plant Care & Cultivation is very much similar like most of the Colocasia species.

 Click on the Link Below

For Detailed information of Care & Cultivation of Colocasias &
For Other Different Types of Colocasia:

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