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Monday, January 24, 2022

Klang Valley Plant Acquisition - Plant Exchange Event 5 (#PEE5) at Linc KL


Some basics about this Event:
KVPA is a non-profit community based group where it comprises of gardeners, plant enthusiast and beginners - basically every level of gardeners where they gather to contribute / donated / exchange and volunteer in this event. 

In most cases, the plants are collected in a days ahead via drop-off point from various locations by volunteers - These donated plants are generously given for the good will of others. These plants are arranged based on categories (edibles / ornamentals / seeds) and evenly distributed for the rest of the people who come for the event.

Also in special cases where these gardeners come together in this place to exchange their treasured plants - communicated privately after posting in fb postings during the event week. 

This Plant Exchange Event is not exclusively categorized as an exclusive plant exchange rather it is more in the general context where each gardener bring what spare plants they have in their hands and place it in the table and exchange with what is available for collection to the liking of another gardener (hence the random exchange)

There is no hard fast rule that you must bring a plant - in most cases, all are welcome to take regardless whether they contribute in bringing the plants or not as they are a lot more surplus plants available - free for the taking. (However we do not encourage hoarding either as we would like to share the equal opportunity for everyone to try their hands in propagating and cultivating these garden plants)

Each Plant Exchange Event are identified numerically - this is my second one that I have personally experienced and the one that I had actively got involved in organizing the event where it is known as (#PEE5)

Another Main Emphasize is that these Plants are never sold or given in any pretext of "selling". It does not require for anyone to pay "registering fees" or "early bird pre-booking payments" or in any pretext of word play as to buy or sell. 

As the General Rule: Since these are donated plants, hence they should be shared in good will for everyone without any monetary element (buying or selling) attached to them.

The Organizers:
Chan Eng Heng , Darren Chow & James David


I must say that I was extremely excited when I was given the chance to organize this time around with the organizers - also I had a month head-start to set and make everything in a smooth set-up. Most of the basic information are actually repetitive as what have been done in the earlier event in PEE4 in November 2021

There was some hiccups here in there in the earlier event which was fully taken cared of in this particular event. One of the Main particular Key component in any organizing events are Communication and Information. Hence that was my main point to tackle to make sure everyone is aware to avoid confusion and to give awareness of what to expect on the Event Day.

Once that have been sorted out - everything was as easy as a Pie.
These are the Essential details listed here for future references for the coming (#PEE6)


Date: 16th January 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 10am - 3pm

Location: Linc KL
2nd floor / Beside "The Lab"

A plant booth space was set-up beside the lab for this event. I wanted to emphasize more on the location as there was some confusion in finding the place the last time. Do take note there will be lots plant sales n booth in every floor and corridors and can be overwhelming for those who are coming for the first time around.   

 Hence I would advise the new comers to take note of the event location first to actually identify the Event Location: 

Check out the pictures for clear identification.
Look out for the "Bird Nest" Art Mural as your landmark. You can use the escalator which will lead you the place, your landmark will be "the Lab" as you turn to the right. Also you can take the lift, I however you may have to walk a bit and come around the shopping outlet and restaurants to an open space around the 2nd floor.

In conjunction with City Gardening 4.0 which had taken place between the 15th to 18th January, KVPA is only organizing a Day event which is on a Sunday (16th January) 

It was a One Day Event - often the public may not take notice about the said event thinking that it may span throughout all those days.

2nd floor / Beside "The Lab" /  "Bird Nest" Art Mural

Look out for the "Bird Nest" Art Mural as your landmark. You can use the escalator which will lead you the place, your landmark will be "the Lab" as you turn to the right. Also you can take the lift, I however you may have to walk a bit and come around the shopping outlet and restaurants to an open space around the 2nd floor.

This would be the best landmark to identify the Event space which I believe would be used for future events here for PEE6 in Linc KL. Another easy landmark would be where the washrooms are located - both are located in the same area.


There was a Plant Drop Off where it was offered to those who would like to donate the plants before the event day however the donors need to make an appointment first before the drop off with the "The Lab" staff. 

There will be a 15 minute time frame window for free parking to sort the plant drop offs & so
the donors are advised not to use the "Touch n Go" card rather press the button and get a parking ticket instead. The Lab is staffed daily from 10am till 6pm at the moment and it would be good if drop offs are done within these times. (Contact details will be furnished when the next PEE takes place in the fb event page)

Plant Drop Off can be done at the Mall Entrance as shown in the Pics Below:


Again another important information to note for future reference concerning  Plant Exchange Event 5 (PEE5) at Linc KL - Click on the highlighted blue colored #PEE5 in the facebook page under Klang Valley Plant Acquisition (fb group)

All highlighted updated information will be posted here when clicked at the hashtag: #PEE5

Few Ground Rules were also mentioned as to prepare for the Event:

What to bring for the Event:

1) Recycled plastic cups or cut off PET bottles to hold your cuttings.

2) Recycled shopping bags to carry your plants.
We will NOT be providing single use plastic bags! 
Do not request for them from the volunteers.

3) Recycled newspapers or bubble wrap to pack your plants in.

4) A smile for the Volunteers.

Also suggestions were made for the rest of the members to bring some snacks for the volunteers or buy some seeds to give away, in case of not sure what to contribute but would love to do not know what to bring but would like to bring something.

Regardless, it is not a force if unable rather the main focus was to create gardening interest among new beginner gardeners and experts alike.


These are some of the plant cuttings of which I have managed to offer as gifting - very much earlier I was offering these plant cuttings as reservations before the event to garner support and commitment as the recipient's most likely will be commitment in collecting the reserved plants - however almost 20 people were not able to make it on that day which makes me think that it may not be a good idea for me to wrap and set them for the next time around.

In Total there were 11 Different Types of Plants which I offered this time around:

1) Blood Berry - Cuttings and Rooted Plant
2) Bunga Tongkeng : Cowslip creeper (Telosma Cordata)
3) Night Blooming Jasmine
4)  Spiderwort (Commelina erecta)
5) Cleodendrum Bungei
6) Costus woodsonii
7) Callsia repens and collective ground cover plants
8) Duranta
9) Variegated Hibiscus - Tricolor
10) Variegated Hibiscus - white color
11) Variegated Costus

These were easily 48 plants in sets for reservations not including plants which were made ready for walk in collections and exchange. Those listed above would have easily made 20-40 pieces in each plant sets.

Two different types of Hibiscus offered for this PEE5 Event. (Var.White & Var.Red)

My collection of plants which I have brought to Linc KL for the Event - PEE5. It took me and the volunteers few rounds to collect all of them from the carpark. 

These are the reserved plant cuttings - all wrapped carefully a day ahead for the plant exchange event.


One of the Main Key Component for the success of this Event was the Booth Set-Up
Here we managed to identify and set the plants according to their categories and lined them up along the walk-way set up as the people are able to pick them as they see what been displayed on the tables.

These were carefully organized to adhere SOP and Social Distancing - to keep check everything takes place in proper order. One of the volunteers (Ho Yee Ling) helped out on getting the stationaries and we make a pathway for people to walk in an organized way. Also another volunteer (Angel) who magically made nametags for everyone for that morning.

The Tables were set in aligned accordingly and as a person goes through the plants of their liking and choice - they collect it and move on the the next table:

1) Plant Reservation and Exchange Booth

2) Edible Plants

3) Ornamental Plants 

4) Opus Farm Vegetable Giveaways

5)  Dress-code Mystery Gift by Chrysalis Project 

Once we had sorted and set all the plants and the Table / Booth Set-Up - We had opened the counter officially for the Plant Exchange Event to take place - keeping our scheduled timing at 10am.

Before 10am:
The crowd lined up before the opening event while we were setting up the place.

Plants arranged on the table according to their Type / Categories.

Type / Category : Ornamental

Type / Category : Edible

The gardeners continued to pouring in with their plant contributions and in the excitement of collecting these treasured plants and goodies where it was generously shared among all. These are some of the pictures sharing joy and excitement during the PEE5.

Volunteers being focused and busy sorting out plants for the gardeners.

Reservation Table Taken Cared by Angel.

Lalita & Fe Krishnan (volunteers of the day)

Ornamental Plant Section Taken Cared by Ho Yee Ling.


I would like to thank all our dedicated volunteers who were so helpful and supportive in organizing this event with me.  Thanks to Khairunnisa, Angel, Isabelle Lalita , Ho Yee Ning , Jeffri Lim , Lee Hua Goh , Fe Krishnan , Emily Chiam & Wong Ryui Bynn 's mum too who helped out in this event.

Kudos to Elvin Loh the camera man who took great shots. He came early in the morning and gave a big hand in the donated plant pick-up from the car park. Also few of the volunteers who went up n down many times around. (the escalators are not even operative yet - early in that morning)

We were all sweaty and breathless (I had easily 10 boxes to bring up this morning - thanks guys)
We started setting up the booth arrangements and bringing up the plants and sorting the plants based on the category. It was a bit overwhelming but we all pulled through.
Crowd pouring in within the few hours after opening but we got all settled and was very relaxing by noon. We had organized in keeping the time as scheduled - 10am till 3pm and everything went smoothly as planned.
Thanks to Wayne L Salinger and The Chrysalis Project staffs who also helped us in the cleaning & clearing up. All extra left-over and unclaimed plants were set in order for the general public to collect at a side-table (Set n Labeled as Free Gifting Plant Corner)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who were generous in donating their plants, snacks n gifts. Darren our organizer who graciously brought lunch for us.
Finally I would like to thank The Opus Farm for the vegetables and The Chrysalis Project for the "mystery gift - Dress-code" sponsorship. Also the Linc KL management for the volunteers' carpark sponsorship.
Personally I enjoyed the warm atmosphere of plants, laughter, fun and enjoyment, working hand in hand with all these happy volunteers and gardeners alike.
Also really appreciate Professor Chan who gave a lot of attention and concern - making sure everything went smoothly during this PEE5 follow up. 

There were easily around 100-150 people who came actively collecting and exchanging plants and an uncountable number of plants (1K-3K) taken and brought in constantly keeping the supplies in constant basis. I must say that the people gave more than the received and it touched my heart to see their generosity.
My apologies if in case we have made any mistakes or rough on the edges from my side and the team. We will strive to improve in any shortcomings in the next time around.


1) The Best of Hot Coffee in a Flask with various "Kuih's" for Breakfast.

I can never forget and thank Fe Krishnan who graciously offered a hot coffee in the morning, just after all the hustle and the bustle and once all the adrenaline rush-in are over, I was so exhausted and my savior came in offering me coffee - she was heaven sent - pouring in the precious coffee in a cup and offered the lovely breakfast. It was indeed fast and furious a day, yet there was enough to take a sip and rejuvenate to push through for the next round all the way through till 3pm.

2) Gifts and Precious Plants

Another precious memory that I will cherish are the generosity of the people when the came joyously and shared their goodies to us - we were all so excited and happy to receive the chocolates, drinks, snacks which came in for the volunteers and we shared them with joy.

3) A Gardener's Gratitude Anonymous Note:
This note really touched my heart and I would consider the greatest treasure of all.
This gratitude note was shared to one of the organizer and was shared in a fb posting with permission:

"I'm a little shy to post on the garden forum, 
hence I hope you don’t mind sharing this to you in a private n personal message. 

I didn’t think I could make it for PEE5 but I’m glad I did,  
I've got a few plants gifts from PEE5 Event: 
A Kampung Rose, Spiderwort, Burle marx Philodendron and Japanese rose.. 

For your Information - this would be my 2nd PEE in attendance.
I also brought some Mexican sword plant, Spider lily and a Syngonium plant to gift away this round together with some delicious cakes for the volunteers.. 
not sure you had the chance to take a bite.. James said they loved it

I’m thoroughly inspired by James, you n your Team.
My plants are keeping me sane.. and I think I’m getting a little better at not sending them to heaven

As I’ve said before people like James & you perhaps may not know what a difference you make to other peoples' lives… and I don’t mean just reducing carbon footprint  

May God bless you n your efforts abundantly Professor. 
This my gratitude post. Thank you."


It was a wonderful heart-warming event, especially for plant enthusiast and gardeners like me - hope you enjoyed all the good things that take place in PEE5.

I must emphasize that I truly would like to encourage the participants to click on the Event Page for the KVPA fb page as when the PEE6 is organized - the members to click - "GOING" as this would give the organizers to plan ahead as to prepare the number of people showing up with more gifts and sponsorships.

Hope to see you in our next coming PEE6 Event by KVPA.

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