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Monday, January 3, 2022

12 Different Types of Jasmines - Fragrant & Non Fragrant Types


Here are the list of of the Plants and Shrubs - some of these Jasmines are also vining and climbing types. These are often cultivated for their fragrance however these have deep sense of traditional and cultural purposes where some of them are used for rituals and worship.

These are very much cultivated around the Tropical Region surrounding South East Asia as they are very much hardy and grows well in these climatic conditions. Some are very closely related to Jasmine especially Gardenias and some have very close visual display of a Jasmine but do not carry any fragrance especially the Pinwheel Jasmine.

I would like to introduce here the list of these types of Jasmines:
To click on their Names Below (Name of Plants) for detailed information and plant Care & Cultivation for your reference.

How to Care & Cultivate Water Jasmine Bonsai (Wrightia Religiosa)

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