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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Water Jasmine - Wrightia Religiosa (SEED GROWN)


Sometime in the past.
I tried to uproot these together with it partial damaged roots.
Pulling them is a feat as the roots had embedded deep into the soil.
The rescue is another factor -
it appeared to be a failed mission
when these somehow find itself growing around abandoned areas.

When all these attempts fail.
I humbly planted them using seeds.
At first try - I manage to sprout 4-5 seeds.
It started a steady growth
and it took almost 4 years for it to start it's glorious blooms.

These are the pictures of initial growths.
The leaves are broad and long.
I really thought this is not going to work out
but I manage to persevere in constant pruning and stripping of the leaves.

Then finally one day....
It started blooming a thousand flowers.
The fragrance is captivating and the flowers lasted for few weeks.
Many people turn this into a bonsai.
They may enjoy few hundred blooms when its dwarfed...
but there is another joy to see it at my height and gives a reward of a thousand.

The price: the patience of waiting almost for 4 years.


Once the plant had grown to a considerable size, stripping down the leaves and trimming down excess branches will ensure lots of flower blooms as shown in these pictures below:

Also it can also be trained like a bonsai plant - here is very much my trial and error factor.

Do click on the link below for more information on Other Types of  Tropical Fragrant Flowers:
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Mystic Dreamer said...

Your perseverance is worth it. The blooms are beautiful.

Unknown said...

Looks good and smells good too so it should definitely be part of our plant collection.

Ismail N said...

It takes gut of steel to prune and strip the way you did. Your jasmine are really lovely. :D

Jean Campbell said...

Jasmine fragrance is worth a wait. I am not a fan of bonsai, full sized plants give so much more when you seek flowers and fragrance.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Merry merry meriah bloom.

Basil said...

Hi, thanks for your sharing n others too. Oh I have 2 pots of this plants for over 27 years n I just transferred one to d ground after the pot was broken. It was filled with roots n had I had neglected it for a long time n I didn't know that it is called Water Jasmine. Thanks again.

Basil, Kuching

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