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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Colocasia esculenta 'Lemon Lime Gecko' (Updated June 2022)


Colocasia esculenta 'Lemon-Lime Gecko' is a 2013 Brian Williams elephant ear hybrid that makes a 4.5' tall clump composed of upright dark purple stems, each highlighted by flesh-colored streaks. The leaves are green with lime-green flecking...quite a stunning specimen.

Colocasia esculenta  'Lemon Lime Gecko' is an older version hybrid cultivated on 2013 by Brian William also from a US origin. This particular one has a darker burgundy stem coloration. The special features are the foliage appearance where the green leaves has speckles of golden blotches with dark and lime green tones. Another unique features are a burgundy dotted appearance at the central part of the foliage. The stem however have the black steaks with striped like appearance.

This particular Colocasia is very much comes together in an older version similar like Black Magic, Black Coral and Black Ripple were introduced in the plant market in those years. Hence these are now considered common plants and the plant prices are very much affordable in comparison to the recent cultivated hybrids.

Plant Care & Cultivation is very much similar like most of the Colocasia species.

(Updated June 2022)

I must say that at the current state in the plant market during the post-Covid season where all the plant prices had crashed or crashing and these are one of those price collapse victims where the supply overwhelmed the demand. It was somehow sold for a very affordable price even before the covid season - now much more cheaper like a common plant, hence most nurseries had ditched the idea of selling them expensive especially looking for the profit making.

Another factor, there are many similar ones in comparison this type namely:
Reverse  'Lemon Lime Gecko' and Midori Sour and few others with similar appearance.

Colocasia esculenta 'Lemon Lime Gecko' has more green notes than the light green/yellow tones in normal appearance. This is how you can tell the difference with the rest of the other types.

It depends on each collector on what exactly they fancy and preference - as there are too many to chose from in cultivating with their favorite plant. However, as for now - there is a huge supply and many are not too keen in buying them now in fear of more further price drop that drove these plant prices much more lower.

A lesson to learn: Not to buy Trending Plants when they are sold in a high price.

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For Detailed information of Care & Cultivation of Colocasias &
For Other Different Types of Colocasia:

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