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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Alocasia infernalis 'Black magic'

This one has the appearance of another Colocasia "Black Magic" and more accurately with the mettalic sheen of "Black Ripple" but it is actually mistaken for a Colocasia species which is really a Jewel Alocasia species.

It is a small plant with a brilliant foliage appearance. This Alocasia infernalis is truly a gem and a lot of care is required to make sure it doesn't rot, go dormant and disappear away.

The Care and Cultivation is very similar with Jewel Alocasia specification:

Not too hot that will jade or burn the foliage and not too shaded that the leaves will start to turn yellow and wither away - a bright shade is the most ideal thing for this one.

I often find this one grown and cultivated inside a cocopeat and end up killing it when overwatering it. And thus removing the access cocopeat and mix the medium 50% cocopeat with 50% sand to create the fast draining factor for watering purpose.

Overwatering is the main reason why this plant dies - do be very concern about this matter.

I find this is the most important factor - without proper feeding this plant will slowly will loose it leaves - one in a week and eventually goes dormant. It does however have a corm (bulb) that is very important to consider not to overwater it to cause it to go rotting inside the soil. Thus - proper care is required that it won't go dormant and totally lost.
Though - it may go dormant - do make sure it doesn't rot away.

Also I had found with my research the best fertilizer that works for this one is root hormone known as B1 and osmocote fertilizers. I believe seaweed solution too works best. The most important factor is getting the right balance and very much fall in the trial and error factors - it is somehow not a easy plant to cultivate but truly a rewarding one.

Other matters concerning the Care & Cultivation Methods on Watering, Medium and Pruning

Do refer to the link below:
Introduction to Jewel Alocasia

Do click to the Link Below 
To check on the Main Page Concerning Different Types of Jewel Alocasia:


Sarita Lee said...

Hi James,

I am Sarita from KL. I have been looking for the Alocasia Black Magic recently and stumbled accross your blog. Thank you for writing up about all these various plants, it really is very informative and helpful. Also, your black magic is absolutely stunning. Could I ask if you happened to know where I could get one? Or from where you got yours from?

James David said...

Hello Sarita,
Thank you for visiting my blog and following up with me on this. I got mine from gardening friends where I exchange plants. I highly doubt you can easily find in any nurseries currently as they are highly sought after.
If you want - I can sell you a baby plant or a pot.
Do put in more details on what you are looking for on the CONTACT FORM at the bottom part of the blog - I will follow up with you ASAP.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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