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Friday, May 29, 2020

Cissus quadrangularis - Veldt grape


Cissus quadrangularis commonly known as Veldt grape is cultivated as a medicinal plant. This is a climbing plant and very hardy. It really doesn't require much care - as long as it is exposed to sunlight and rain and allow it to climb and grow - it is fairly easy plant that grows without much care. I for one, just allow the climbing stem to fall over my other trailing plant and they can easily co-habit without any competition. 

Characteristics: Care & Growth

Cissus quadrangularis grows well with its unique stem - it has quadrangular-sectioned branches with internodes, the newer stems have leaves on them with tendril coming from the nodes.

Since this is a hardy plant - it can grow virtually in any type of soil mix. I would recommend a good potting mix  with well drain medium as it will ensure good and strong plant growth. 

It behaves more like a succulent type - therefore to not over water it as it may cause stem rot.
Propagation is very easy using the stem cutting and planting it in a potting mix.

As Medicinal Plant

I often give cuttings of this plant for making Chutney, locally known as Pirandai Thuvaiyal. 
You can google and find out various recipe in preparing this traditional dish.

I for one, cultivating this for their unique stem pattern - it does serve occasionally when friends comes over and ask for portions of plants for cooking purposes which I often give gladly.

These appear like fruits but they are actually flower buds in red before blooming, though it is from a grape family - they do not form edible fruits like grapes (oh! how I had wished they did)

These angular shaped stem are study and strong. Many clusters appear trailing from this and may become unruly and invasive if not pruned often.

This plant is considered hardy - it even handles well in heavy shaded area.
The whole plant is very much a quadrangular-sectioned branch with few leaves sprouting by the sectioned area.

I had tried hanging it loosely without planting it and it survived.
The base roots appeared everywhere and they just managed to handle for few months.
This is indeed a very hardy plant

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