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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Garden Overview - May 2020 (YouTube Video)

This is my quick update of my garden set-up featuring my fish-pond where I placed my water feature plants such as Epipremnum, Pothos, Monstera, Caladiums and Philodendrons, mostly ariods that does well in water.

Also Watermelon Begonia - Pellonia repens which does well near a water feature location.

Also my update on my Vertical Garden plants where I had rearranged my bromeliads due to the sun-light. All of the bromeliads are growing well and stable in this condition. Also I had planted the stem cuttings in these empty spaces on the hanging pots, adding zigzag plant cuttings and purple passion vine (Gynura), Wandering Jew, Variegated Indian Borage & Anthurium.

Earlier I had orchids and episcias planted on vertical garden set-up which did not do well due to rodent attack and therefore I'm not pursuing them rather replacing them with Agloanema species where they are quite evident with their foliage display.
The existing orchids were replanted in the claypot here and I'm hoping it will regenerate but mostly succumbed and rotten away.

A quick update on Begonia being stable in the mopwick system.
Begonia - U497, Begonia - Bethlehem Star, Begonia - Martin Mystery, Begonia - Floccifera, Begonia - U309, Begonia - Speculata, Begonia - Black Knight, Begonia - Candy Stripe,.

Also cane begonia and the spotted versions: Cane Begonia - Maculata wightii, Cane Begonia 'Albo-picta' & Burning Bush Begonia.

More on the context on Dieffenbachia types and the companion foliage plants that goes well in the planterbox: Elephant Ears

Swamp Taro - Colocasia esculenta L., Giant Taro - Colocasia gigantea 'Thailand Giant', Blue Taro - Xanthosoma violaceum, Maranta, Calathea, Ctenanthe, Stromanthe, Schismatoglottis wallichii & Leucosia.

Cascading Plant collection:
I had planted Epiphyllum sp. (Queen on fhe night) leaf cuttings and they are stabilizing with new growth.

A quick review on their updates on those which does well on kokedama balls, hangers and planter box: Rhipsalis, dischidia, orchids and airplants.

Ferns: Bird Nest Fern Variegated, Fluffy Ruffle Ferns, Staghorn Fern, Fish-tail Fern, Boston Fern, Rabbit-foot Fern, Tassel Fern, Maiden Hair Fern, Huperzia nummularifolia, Huperzia squarrosa, Huperzia phlegmaria, Lemon Button Fern & Selaginella: Blue Fern,

These are features where the plants behave as cascading plants that hang like a curtain which gives a good screen for privacy and good vertical shade.

I had placed hangers on my gate where I placed colored foliage plants where I had replaced them where I had planted episcias before. Here is more of the ornamental sweet potato vine, piper, senecio, baby tears, rosary vine, rex begonia vine.

Also some potted plants that I had placed outside my porch:
Caladium, Colocasia, Coleus and miniature roses with Callisa repens.

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