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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Philodendron Birkin


At first glance - I thought I saw a variegated of Canna Lily but now realized that this is actually a Philodendron species. This one is very much behaves in a central crown upward growth unlike other versions that trails and climbs like a pothos. 

Philodendron Birkin appears to have a dark green foliage with pin stripes in the shades of cream & yellow. The leaves are in oval shape but the foliage tend to loose it's variegation features when the leaves gets older.

Also this is a slow growing plant and may require good fertilizing regime for it to expand new growth. The foliage can last for many months - I had not seen any of the leaves turning yellow or dry off. Indeed it is a long lasting plant.

Due to it's crown central growth, propagating it from cutting can be challenging as it does not form a vine, however small plantlets may appear from the base of the rootball when the plant had grown bigger in a matured form.

Other than that, it is a stable plant that I would consider it hardy. The watering should not be overwhelming rather just lightly to keep the medium moist. Also finding an ideal place for it that it receive enough bright indirect light.

Once the plant had acclimatize and had adjusted itself in its environment - it is fairly an easy going plant to cultivate.

Do click on my link below for more detailed information concerning on
How to Care & Cultivate Philodendron Plant:

Philodendron - Best Indoor Plants


Tracy said...

I must say big thanks to you. Your knowledge is detailed and to the point. In reference to Philo Birkin, I just received a small plant but only 2 of the leaves have stripes. I hope they come in later. Can you tell me if it can be placed as an indoor plant?

Thanks in advance


James David said...

Hi Tracy,
Thank you for your lovely comment - Just on the variegation part - make sure they get good indirect bright light or they may turn and revert to green when lacking good lighting.

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