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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Dumbcane - Dieffenbachia maculata Rudolph Roehrs

It seemed that there is some ID discrepancies here as I'm still wondering if it is still "Rudolph" or a D. maculata. 

I notice that even the spelling is also changed. (Rudolf Roehrs)
Botanic names are like that - with many synonym and similar identities.


This one is easy to note: The foliage is totally in cream with a light green midrib and edges. Sometimes the shades of darker green streaks out from the edges to the center.

Also they seemed to revert back to green - here and there with different spots and coloration. The appearance of what would be like when it looses its variegation form going back to it's parent's genes.

Just like most dieffenbachia - the coloration differs when placed in total shade and in-comparison to bright shade.

A clearer view on a singular cream colored foliage.

The appearance of the mix parentage which is reverting back and forth in the order of which taking dominant characteristics. However unlike other variegated unstable species - this one does not totally ditch off the coloration.

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How to Care & Cultivate Dumbcane Plant:

Dumbcane - Dieffenbachia - Best Indoor Plants

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