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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hoya Carnosa (Variegated) - Care & Cultivation

I find in comparison to the green counterpart, the variegated types are much more sensitive and can easily die away - I had to try few times to really figure out why this particular one died on me.

The Care and Cultivation is very much similar with Hoya Carnosa. 
The difference - this need to be a little more exposed to sun and less watering.

As you can note, these vines needed to be long and leggy in order for them to start blooming. Keeping them short (as pruning them) will not encourage them to bear blooms - and therefore, I suggest that it would be more productive to roll them (coil them up) instead of pruning.

The flowers appears to be the same as Hoya Carnosa but less showy. I guess a lot of the energy goes into the formation of the foliage structure rather than the blooms. Another thing about this variegated type is that it is not stable. 

Slowly and eventually, the plant ditched the variegated leaf formation and revert back to it's parent form - turning totally green. And so, I do recommend as to trim off the totally green ones off as new growth will slowly pick up it pace on the variegated foliage coloration.

Also, I would recommend that if you are purchasing this one from a nursery, do look out for a healthy robust plant - a dying one where most of the leaves had fallen off and the foliage is sort of withered and lost it's luster may not survive unless you are willing to take the risk in revive it back.

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