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Friday, May 29, 2020

Cane Begonia 'U549' / 'Aya' / 'Margaritacea' Hybrid Cultivar


ID: Cane Begonia  'U549'  /  'Aya' / 'Margaritacea' Hybrid Cultivar

This particular Cane Begonia behaves very much like a shrub branching type. The foliages do tend to grow bigger as the plant matures - the leaves are furry with the silver/pink tones. The foliages appears to be more on a crispy texture due to the fine furry hairs on the leaves. There are other varieties very much similar with this one especially Begonia 'Sinbad' and Begonia 'Maurice Amey' and few newer ones Begonia 'Benigo' in the market which has very similar features with this one.

Another thought: I had found that with more confusion added that this also can be an unknown hybrid variety which is of a close resembles with another Margaritacea hybrid begonia. This particular cultivar,
‘Margaritacea,’ has similar hairy pink leaves with tiny pendulous in heart-shaped flower buds and burgundy pink colored backed leaves.

This is kept in a bright shaded area, I believe this one will turn more silvery when in total shade and more in the pink silvery crisp tones when in bright shade. It does well in both condition.

These have a silver sheen with almost crisp feeling with tones of burgundy on it's veins. It does have a fragile composition and a lot of care is given not to damage the leaves. 

These leaves do not get wet often - they tend to appear burned at the edges when the water falls on the leaves often.

It is very much like a Cane Begonia - just 4 leaves and very fragile looking.
After given much care on it's growing need it had grown taller and I was in need to put a stake to keep it upright.

The foliage had doubled it's size and also started flowering.

Care & Cultivation:

Just like most Cane Begonia species - this one is grown on a medium:
50% coco chip mixed with sand & potting mix.  I found this medium used for propagation by the nursery owner - I had slightly added the same medium type and re-pot it in a bigger pot.
So far - the plant doubled it's size.


I started using 3-4 pieces of Osmocote as fertilizer - 2 week once.
Alternatively I spray root hormone (Seaweed solution) also used another rooting hormone (Vitamin B1) a solution for stronger root growth as these are prone for root rot.


Slightly spray water once a day in the morning and refrain watering rainy days.
I do water twice a day on a dry and hot days - it's depending on the weather.

New growth - doubled up the size after re-potting in a bigger pot with new medium.

These have a silver sheen with almost crisp feeling with tones of burgundy on it's veins. It does have a fragile composition and a lot of care is given not to damage the leaves. 

After sometime, I manage to cultivate and grew this one to a matured plant but it does seemed not to put out any new branches or shoots for me to propagate them. I had come across some gardeners who had managed to grew this one using leaf propagation but I still haven't manage to do that successfully.

photo credit: Sue Vsk Nursery

This is the appearance how this begonia looks like when it had grown bigger into it's fully maturity.

Cane Begonia Care & Cultivation information.

Do click on the Link Above ☝
for more information on Cane Begonias.
Other matters are very much similar with the general information about Cane Begonias.

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