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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Schismatoglottis wallichii

Schismatoglottis wallichii, I still cannot find any common name on this one so far.

I have not able to find it's common name, Schismatoglottis wallichii appears to to a native plant in my region. This species is native to Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Thailand where it grows under the canopy of a thick dense jungle in between fallen leaves and swampy areas.


The foliage have a oblong shape where the leaf contain wrinkles (fan like folds) with a heart shaped coloration light green band around the foliage perimeter. Truly it does have a beautiful ornamental feature and have a very stable structure where the leaves doesn't get damaged by burns or bitten by pest.


I find it works best in indirect bright light - the balance seemed to be very optimum for this one.


A Balance mix of potting mix together with sand (50%) to give the fast draining medium. Often I find this succumb to rot at the root base during long period of heavy rain at year end - I realized that this one can't stand being too wet. However, it does bounce back once the rain season is over.


Adequate watering but not too much as it can root the rootball.

I find the foliar liquid fertilizer works best for this of which I apply for all my foliage plants. This plant does grow slowly but once it established itself - I will span out wider to over all the ground areas and so do take note that space is needed for this one to stretch out.


I find the best so far is pup division appearing from the base of the plant - new plantlets appears from there to form a new colony.


I had come across mealy bugs & scale insect appearing on the back of it's leaves but it easily eradicated by pruning and washing. I had stopped using pesticide in my garden as I don't want to use any chemical in my garden. At best - I do look out to use home-made organic pesticide as I don't want to disturb the ecology in my garden.

I would say this plant is very ideal to cultivate in shaded area in the garden where bright direct sunlight is unavailable. The foliage appears to be stable without discoloration where the lighting dictates the pigmentation of the foliage.

Unlike Dieffenbachia or Agloanema where bright indirect light is required to add colors in it's variegated form - this one doesn't behave as such.

Another interesting feature is the fading of the foliage - the whole leaf turns to cream yellow and truly it is a sight to behold to see such a coloration.

This particular one is an ariod and have it's inflorescent similar like any other ariod features.


Anonymous said...

Hello there! I just got this too. However, mine is not doing too great. The stems are all droopy compared to when I first got it. I had asked the nursery to repot it, so I'm not sure if it's a problem that happened then. Are the roots for this deep? I put this on my balcony where it is very bright and windy, but no direct sun. How often do you water this plant? I'm not sure if my droopy stems is a result of too much or too little water, or simply too hot temperatures. They do perk up a bit at night. Thanks in advance! Your plant looks fantastic.

James David said...

Hi there.

Sorry to hear about your plant - I had the same problem few times - happens whenever I replant or separate the pups from the mother plant but it will perk up within few days.

Do plant it in a fast draining medium but make sure the soil is always moist - not soggy mud wet as it will cause root rot. If I understand correctly based on what you mentioned - I think your plant is suffering from dehydration. Try to water more and see - if it perks up then basically you are facing underwater problem.

Maya Garcia-Hector said...

Beautiful! I cannot seem to find anyone growing this plant commercially in the states. I'd love to grow one someday.

James David said...

Hi Maya,
I highly doubt that this plant had made an international hit - Its slowly picking a local market here and still to say a fairly a local plant which many people here are slowly getting used to ID of the plant. All the best of searching for this prized plant.

Unknown said...

Hello. My wallichii is always turning yellow but i don't overwater it. I water it maybe 1-2 times a week when the topsoil is dry. I put it indoors but has access to indirect light. Any advice?

James David said...

Hi, Just check at the bottom side if you notice any rot taking place. When you mentioned turning yellow - does that mean the leaves are turning yellow as it ages or immaturely turning yellow - chances are it maybe lacking adequate water?
It is a bit difficult to determine what's wrong with it without viewing the pictures.
Do email me and send me the pictures and I can follow up with you.

Scroll down below the blogpost and there is a Contact Form all the below - follow up with me and I try my best to help you.

Anonymous said...

Its common name is Drop Tongue Plant.

Mischelle said...

I was lucky to find the last one and almost abandoned in a local nursery here in Sarawak. I've been wanting to have one for myself so just a few minutes later another customer walked in, she as the nursery worker if the have any left.🤣

Mischelle said...

I was lucky to find the last one and almost abandoned in a local nursery here in Sarawak. I've been wanting to have one for myself so just a few minutes later another customer walked in, she as the nursery worker if the have any left.🤣

Unknown said...

i love to have one but not sure if this plant is tough enough to endure a 7 days transit enclose and uprooted since seller is from afar

James David said...

Hi Mischelle, I understand that situation - I too had grabbed the last standing plant before in the nursery too. Thanks for sharing.

Hello, think it can handle 7 days of stress if wrapped & packed properly but again there is always risk involved when plants send by courier.

Unknown said...

I bought one today in Australia so they are getting around in the international plant scene.

James David said...

Im amazed to know its now getting all around.. Thanks

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