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Monday, May 11, 2020

Alocasia Reversa

This particular one is considered a Jewel Alocasia.

Strangely it is known as Alocasia Reversa - supposed having a reversed coloration where the leaves should be in appearance reversed with "Black Velvet Alocasia"

It is not a hardy plant and may easily succumb and rot away if overwatered - the succulent features of these plant - where the leaves are very much have a hard texture almost like a shield - a leather thick foliage.

These have a silver green outer surface along with grey and dark green center with veins sunken deep inside the leaf surface. 

Also it is amazing to note that this one is native plant from Sabah Borneo and considered not commonly available in many nurseries due to the slow growing nature and may easily die if proper care is not given.

Usually sold in nurseries with 3-4 leaves in a small dwarf like plant, often you might find 2 plants in a pot usually sold around RM18 or so depending on size and availability.

I have been keeping this one for many months - still looking dormant with slowly breaking forth a new leaf shoot slowly appearing by the main foliage. This leaf appear to be tilted instead of upright.
I'm still amazed that this particular singular leaf have been just like that for so many months.

Not too hot that will jade or burn the foliage and not too shaded that the leaves will start to turn yellow and wither away - a bright shade is the most ideal thing for this one.

I often find this one grown and cultivated inside a cocopeat and end up killing it when overwatering it. And thus removing the access cocopeat and mix the medium 50% cocopeat with 50% sand to create the fast draining factor for watering purpose. 

Overwatering is the main reason why this plant dies - do be very concern about this matter.

I find this is the most important factor - without proper feeding this plant will slowly will loose it leaves - one in a week and eventually goes dormant. It does however have a corm (bulb) that is very important to consider not to overwater it to cause it to go rotting inside the soil. Thus - proper care is required that it won't go dormant and totally lost.
Though - it may go dormant - do make sure it doesn't rot away.

Also I had found with my research the best fertilizer that works for this one is root hormone known as B1 and osmocote fertilizers. I believe seaweed solution too works best. The most important factor is getting the right balance and very much fall in the trial and error factors - it is somehow not a easy plant to cultivate but truly a rewarding one.

Other matters concerning the Care & Cultivation Methods on Watering, Medium and Pruning

Do refer to the link below:
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