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My Vertical Garden Wall


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dumbcane - Dieffenbachia compacta sp


This is practically a sensitive one, the whole plant had a heavy attack where the snails and slugs seemed to love it. Eventually it had succumb to rot and the plant died. I now realized that not Dieffenbachia does not behave the same - this one however is not hardy.

It has more than 3 tones with another added variation at the edges - streaks of white and another layer like splashes in the appearance like a transparent plastic like grey/white features. Truly regret why I had not paid more attention to cultivate it as many as possible.

I also realized that this one seemed to be more rare and not easily available in the plant market. Identifying the breed has it's own challenges. I had spotted this one sold in online nursery without any indication of it's ID or any botanic information.

One thing though - it has the compacta parentage where the foliage has clustered formation and they don't grow too big.

Do click on my link below for More Detailed Information concerning on
How to Care & Cultivate Dumbcane Plant:

Dumbcane - Dieffenbachia - Best Indoor Plants

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