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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Colocasia esculenta 'Black Ripple'


This one has similar characteristics and needs similar to Black Coral but ripples on the veins.
The Black Coral however does not have this feature.  Also it does not do well in shaded areas as they turn back in green shades. Once revert back to bright sunny area - they return back to their former glory of dark coloration.

Foliage: Waterproof - Dark Vivid Black Coloration like Black Coral with ripple effect on leaves. The ripples are only visible on mature leaves.

Stem: Dark Burgundy colored stem. 

Light: Bright direct Sun Area (they can survive in shade area but will loose the black coloration)
They needed grown on direct sun with a swampy condition - loves wet feet areas.

Watering - They need to placed inside a water-body most likely inside a water container. The leaves will have burned sides if lacking water.


The pictures above were taken from a nursery and I find that I did not have a good quality picture of this plant - the plant I had purchased were too small to make any difference to consider it in viewing as the little plant does appear like "Black Coral" when it is in a juvenile state.

Sadly my "Black Coral" didn't make it as it either gone dormant or dead. Only time will tell.

I had re-potted them in a more bigger and wider container where it can hold water and had constantly using fertilizer on them so that they will grow considerably bigger. I must say that this is a slow growing plant in comparison with other "Black" variety.

Even-though it is one singular plant - it had grown considerably well especially when it a sensitive plant. This one is growing together with my "Black Magic" Colocasia but they are all in separate pots.

Also they appear more curled up and elongated in comparison with Black Magic Colocasia.
Hopefully I get to have some extra plants on this one - it would be a pity to see this one going into dormancy and never recover.

Updates Dec2020

I feel the pictures did not do justice and I'm adding these for a better and clearer view on this particular plant. Here you can see the ripple effects more clearly especially the dents and the corrugation within the foliage surface.

As the leaf matures and grows bigger, the effects are much more visible.

Pictures Below:

These belong to a friend of mine where she grows them beautifully in a clump. She uses lotus tablet fertilizer to keep them growing compact in colony - as I understand these are heavy feeder and will tend to become smaller when they are no longer receiving any fertilizer.

Indeed they become like black metallic in color when they receive good sunlight and fertilizer.

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