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My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, March 23, 2020

How to Cultivate Caladium

I find this particular one is the best so far. It had withstand the test of time where it is faithful to remain in my garden for years and with short dormancy period. 

This big leaf type is hardy and able to withstand neglect and forgivable. 

Growing Condition:

Earlier I had planted them outside where it get optimum sunlight in shaded area but they still not doing their best. I had transferred the tuber here in this water feature and placed them on constant flowing water. It was a good decision as I noticed the tuber never rot or gone dormant.

The leaves are much healthier and stable and I don't have to worry about losing one particular type.

This is the best sunlight it ever gets in the morning till afternoon. The evening will be indirect shaded situation here.

Once I got it successful, I started introducing few other varieties and they too loved it here. It's so easy to just poke the tuber inside the water feature and watch them grow. It may take few weeks for them to stabilize but once they do, its a beauty to behold.

I love what most plants can't offer - the coloration on these Caladium brightens up a shaded garden, especially the red speckles - truly it's a time stopper - the mesmerizing effect just captivates and makes one just stand and admire the beauty.


Basically these are grown in an aquatic feature where the water is constantly flowing.
I had placed a small pot where the tuber sits surrounding sand and pebbles and placed inside the water container.

Therefore, I don't have to worry about watering in this situation.


Bright indirect Light - best with few hours of good direct sun on them but not scorching heat (afternoon burning type) these are not sun lovers.


I think the water already contained enough fertilizer as I also rare goldfish in this pond and somehow the fish water makes these plants grow well.

These tubers were planted years ago in these pots where they go dormant and come back year after year. I had kept some of them here as my spare plants just in case if the water feature experiment didn't work out. (so far so good)

Another good thing with Caladiums is that you can work out a combination planting arrangement with them, they are not fussy in sharing with other plants and actually they really look good complimenting with other colored featured foliage plants.

I'm thinking of adding different new cultivars and hybrids recently introduced in the market.
Seeing these are doing very well in the water feature. I may venture into these Caladiums as another collection.

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