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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dumbcane - Dieffenbachia "Mary'

I had written comprehensively on the Care & Maintenance of this particular plant, 
do check on the link below at the end of the post.

Here I want to showcase in detail specific individual dumb-cane plants.
These varieties are so huge with the countless number of cultivars and hybrids - it would be impossible to identity them.

And so my closest guess is that this is Dieffenbachia "Mary' or "Mars" which may accidentally mis-named and the name got stuck in the plant community.

Unlike most dumbcane where the plant is small to medium size - this one can grow into a giant size with lavish huge leaves like elephant ears - somehow makes a great compliment plant with other Colocasia & Alocasia species.

This particular one is very much of a cream with green splashes with green borders. The leaves are broad and heavy upright and may need to set with a support when it gets top heavy. 

It appears to have two-tone colors and hardy noticed white patches on them.
Each leaves has it's own characteristics. Also the midrib have slightly a brighter coloration from the rest of the foliage - sort of giving a visual impact.

They can get easily burned when exposed to direct hot sun and care is required that it receives bright indirect sunlight. Alternatively, I trim off the burned spend leaves and let the new shoot and foliage to take precedence.

Pictures Below:

I had found that this particular one tends to become greener and the coloration has a totally difference appearance when planted in shade.  

The colors seemed more jaded, the cream diminishes into light green and have more of a 2 tone appearance. The younger leaves are very much have a darker green coloration totally different from the matured plant.

Do click on my link below for more detailed information concerning on
How to Care & Cultivate Dumbcane Plant:
Dumbcane - Dieffenbachia - Best Indoor Plants

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