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Saturday, March 14, 2020

How to Cultivate & Care for Gerbera Daisy

Commonly known as Gerbera daisies (Gerbera jamesonii) cultivated for the bright and cheerful flowers also used for flower bouquet and floral arrangements.

Currently I'm cultivating two different colors the salmon and the scarlet red. Both are constant bloomers which requires good fertilizing regiment together with daily watering to ensure constant flowering blooming.

These are required to be acclimatized if they are bought from Cameron Highland nurseries as they will not do well in the hot & humid lowland weather. Just like many flowering plants that require bright sunlight but unable to handle the immediate shock - these may needed to be slowly introduced from indirect shade to bright sunlight in slow progression.


Light: These are sun worshipers. They love bright sun for it to bloom. The can handle partial bright morning sun but it won't bloom in total shaded areas.
Watering: Ensure deep watering twice daily to ensure they are well hydrated. Lacking water may cause the flowers to wither and burned petals.
Feeding: A good flowering foliar fertilizer works best compared to organic or convention granule types. 

The best propagation is by runners (trailing pups that form after the parent plant) I find that the seeds can be sterile and may proof to be difficult to germinate.

They do behave like sunflowers looking for the sun and move according the to sun movement.

These are what currently available in the Sg. Buloh nurseries. These Gerbera Daisy seemed to be stunted like a dwarf variety with a black centre (eye). Currently I'm just cultivating the muti-petaled type and didn't not venture into different cultivars of this type.

Unlike other annuals these do last for many years when cultivated and cared properly. I would say that these are low maintenance flowering plant.

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