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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Black Stem Alocasia (Type 2)

I had recently discovered this particular plant growing by the roadside with a huge leaf size and was considering how to get a small plant-let and try it out. Somehow, it had managed well in together in the aquatic setting - it appears to be stable but the growing stage is slightly slow.

It has a glossy appearance with dark stem. The leaf structure is upright similar like an Alocasia.
I hope I got the name right. Anyway - this particular plant is in my observation and may be watching to see how well it does in comparison to the Yucatan Princess.

It does however have similarity like the Colocasia "Teacup" minus the cup shape feature. I'm still wondering how is it identified on which is an Alocasia and which is Colocasia and their difference.

So far, the only big difference I had found out that Colocasia are edible food crop plant but then again, I also found out that some Alocasia species that is known as Elephant Ears are also edible.

Again, when I mention edible - it means these are cooked as vegetables. In their raw condition they are considered poisonous.

This particular one is slightly different from another type where the leaves are "V" shaped like spade.
Clearly a lot is yet to be known and studied but limited and lack of information concerning this particular plant.

Another factor is that this one does not do well like Alocasia Yucatan Princess or any other Colocasia breed that loves water - this one was quite challenging when placed in a water bound area where the root ball somehow rot and the plant slowly disintegrated away.

I manage to salvage a small plant and grew it in the open in sun and rain and it is fairly recovering from the earlier stress. I will follow up more details and visual plant growth more in later date.

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