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Thursday, March 5, 2020

How to Care for Maiden's Jealousy Plant

I often have this idea where I can just careless about a vining plant where it will sustain itself with minimum care. Speaking of this plant - it had gracefully formed itself like an arch without any required foundation set-up.

This plant, its famously known as Maiden's Jealousy Vine (Tristellateia australasiae)
Also known as Australian Gold vine, Shower of Gold Climber, Galphimia Vine & Thryallis Vine.

I understand when you call it Showers of Gold but 
I wonder why it is known as Maiden's Jealousy.. 
I mean seriously? Why Jealous? What is the story?

I'm tempted to spun my own story, a fairy-tale where a maiden someone like Rapunzel would had golden locks of hair cascade in gold and many would had been envious of her hair..
I can only imagine how jealousy they would had been.. 
Hence the Maiden's Jealousy. 😅😆😂

Like most climbing plants that grows well in the tropical region. This one is hardy and able to handle well without much care. It blooms constantly everyday non-stop.

Needs daily watering and sometimes twice a day for it to constantly blooming

Needs open direct sunlight for it to bloom, if kept in shade it may not flower

Best use stem cutting though it may form seed - it may be sterile.
(My plant bears lots of seeds (in star-shape) but none had ever sprouted)

This is a vining, climbing plant and therefore may require support and structure for it climb over.
Once it's established it will form a dense behavior. I can also used as hanging cascading plant on hanging basket or planted on planter box on a balcony. The petals have great tendency to fall and so if you are concerned about constantly cleaning your porch or garden, this one is not for you.

Also it has a great magnet for stingless bees and butterflies which constantly visit every morning. This is such a great plant to have for nature lovers. However the sunbirds don't seek out nectar from this one.

The flowers are all yellow when blooms first and turn to red stamen when matures giving a graceful contrast.

As you can see, I had placed that like a arch shape by the entrance of my gate. This plant is able to handle good hard pruning. I believe, the more it is pruned the more it blooms.
It will stop focusing on it is liana growth and focus on flowering.

Therefore, weekly pruning is necessary for it to focus on active blooming.
I often prune off young soft trailing vine off from the main vine.
I wish I can dead-head all the spend blooms and their seed forming stalks but they are tedious work and unreachable. 

So far, I had not encountered any pest attack on this particular plant which I consider it is a great deal as it does not succumb to any heavy attack on which some plants suffers and may not recover at all.

Also it does not encourage ants to hoard over them like some heavy nectar bearing plants which is a good thing especially ants can be quite a big deal when they are quite protective over the plants.

Overall, It is fairy an easy flowering plant to grow if you have open sunlight area & space for it to trail & bloom. And yes, its a dense looking plant which is great to create privacy.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely vine! I like your little made up story about it, too. The recent post about the unusual ferns, all of them new to me, was much enjoyed as well.


Texas USA

James David said...

Thanks Ragna, Really appreciate your comments and thoughts.

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