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My Vertical Garden Wall


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Alocasia Macrorrhiza Variegata

I had spotted this one sold in Sg. Buloh nurseries. Rarely I come across these huge foliage types. Pretty sure they are commonly known as the Elephant Ears which is now gaining popularity in the plant market.

Surprisingly the common types which is totally green are considered as a weed where they grow wildly along roadside. They form red tiny berry like fruit seeds of which birds eat and propagate them by the dropping.

This variegated type is considered established and may had taken a very long time to grow to this size especially when it comes to variegated types - they are much slow growing plant compared to the non-variegated counter-part.

Care & Maintenance:
Considered fairly easy as this is a tropical hardy plant similar to most bog aquatic characteristics they do love water but can tolerate without them too.

I don't own this particular type therefore I may not able to give much information concerning this plant. 

Do click to the Link Below 

To check on the Main Page Concerning Different Types of Elephant Ears Alocasia:
Different Types of Alocasia - Names & Images

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