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Sunday, March 8, 2020

How to Cultivate Yellow Walking Iris

One of the great wonders in cultivating this particular plant is to become mesmerized with the human facial features that this particular blooms shows in it's appearance. I can't phantom why such a simple easy plant can portray such a unique mystery not one but many faces that indeed gives a strong credential to the evidence of the existence of fairy creatures.

Of course, I might dwell in that topic and may stretch all the means of local folk-lore and cultures pertaining it, however one thing is for sure - that my garden tiny it may be - still manage to hold all of its secrets and mysteries in a single cup of flower.

Commonly known as Yellow Walking Iris (Trimezia martinicensis) has an appearance like an iris where it can grown in water feature and also on ground like any other plant. It also does well in both shade and sun conditions where it can bloom in both conditions where it an ideal plant where it comes as a hardy plant.

After it had completed its flowering stage the pods will become heavy and fall with the flower stalk reach out and touch ground and that appears to be "walking" as it had propagated into a new ground from the flowering stalk. The new stalk will start a new plant-let set with leaves and a new rooting system. And because of this feature, these iris plant do not form fruit or seeds.

The flowers blooms for a day and closed its formation by night & do not have fragrance.
Many had mistaken this one for an orchid.

The sword-like foliage appearance is ideal for the long and tall upright fan feature plants especially for tight spaces. They are non-fussy and may able to grow very well in any nook, crook & corners. 

However I noticed that the leaves can get burned when exposed to direct hot sun and therefore it more ideal towards the shaded garden though it can tolerate direct hot sun and may bloom profusely in that condition. The best would be a good balance of shade and sun that helps on the blooming and the well balanced foliage formation.

Other than the general care of watering, feeding and pruning (dried / burned foliage) it is fairly an easy plant to maintain.

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