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Friday, September 20, 2019

Begonia - Manaus / Begonia 'Bonita Shea' (Updated 2021)


This particular one appears to be more like a cascading version where it is a soft stem type- it will not appear to be upright. Often this ornament begonia is cultivated as a hanging basket plant for foliage display. 

The leaves are oval curled and has a furry crisp surface - often like velvet feature where they have this burgundy coloration where the fine hairy fur is in red with olive green base background. These colors varies in tones based the light received from full shade to bright sun.

It has a tiny dandy inflorescent in full white.

It also known as Begonia 'Bonita Shea'
I believe both are actually the same plant.

I used to have it in full bush in a single pot and seriously took it for granted. I thought that this won't die easily and may just spring back to life once its finished it season - all it should take was a good trimming and replanting back.

I was wrong - none of the cuttings survived, it had a sudden death and the whole thing was lost.
After few years, some of my garden friends did passed me a strand or two of this trailing begonia.

It also known as Begonia 'Bonita Shea'
I believe both are actually the same plant.

If you do manage to purchase it in a nursery as a hanging plant, do take great care to carefully prune and start a new batch and have more spares.
They are robust plant but also a slow grower.

It can easily die if handled wrongly - especially when a rot starts, 
it will definitely kill the plant, by then it's too late to do anything.

Here is the link where I had put together a list of all the begonias that I had come across. A database of all the different types & their characteristics. Please click on the link on the title above for the post.


beth said...

i have just gotten hold of this variety. and thanks to your blog, correctly identified as Manaus. id like to understand when you sayPrune carefully haha. when to prune? mine has about 6 leaves and its in a pot. im glad to hear this is a robust. but i live in a humid country and the season now is a bit colder than usual and too windy. thank you for any tips that can help my Manaus thrive! Beth, from Quezon CIty. the Philippines

James David said...

Hi Beth,
Prune meaning cut and replant them as they grow very long and having the chances of snapping off under their own weight. This begonia do not last long as a plant and may require to cut and replant time to time to ensure they last longer as a hanging or potted plant.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for your support and your comments. Have a lovely day!

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