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My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, September 30, 2019

ZZ Plant - Best Indoor Plants

I would like to introduce a New Series on Indoor Plants
and hope to come up with 10 Best Indoor Plants for Beginners.

And this is one of the most easiest to begin with.
It is fairly impossible to kill this plant. (If you do - I should congratulate you for it)
Let me introduce this plant - Zamioculcas zamifolia also known as ZZ Plant.

The most basic (Care-free plant) that thrives on 2 matters:
It tolerates very low light environment
( you can practically put it in a corner and forget about it)

It can handle extreme less infrequent watering regime.
Word of caution:
Too much water can cause rot to the root-ball, so its more on the dry / neglect type.
This plant is NOT the type that you water everyday unless the medium is fast draining.

It does appear like a plastic plant,
the foliage are glossy and has a swollen thick base like stem.
They are super slow growing plant - so do note that they will ages to grow.

A great plus point about this plant is that this one is a natural air purifier. 
That comes with another factor: - when it absorbs all the poison from the air,
these are considered poisonous if consumed.

When this plant was introduced to the market, It was sold with a very high price.
I know these were considered highly priced:
often sold as a lucky plant price spanning with a good luck No:8.

Meaning: Its was sold like RM88.00 or RM188.00 more No:8 were attached to it
and a novelty plant during the Chinese New Year Festival

Then came a Jump Scare:
Some tabloid newspaper & magazine had started a rumor saying this plant causes cancer.
Followed together with the panic posting in social media about this rumor
had caused a lot people started throwing out this plant out of their door (literally)

I would see this plant in pots abandoned in sun and rain.
Burned, turning yellow and often rot due to heavy exposure to rain.
Its a sad predicament for a highly priced plant suddenly lost its value. 

The Rumor:
Someone had experience sniffing the flower.
The supposed inflorescence bears pollen or the fragrance had caused cancer to the gardener. Based on that particular gardener, hence he / she wanted to warn everybody to get rid of this plant, stating - its better to safe than sorry.

I must emphasize that this plant is indeed toxic and its poisonous if consumed.
But aren't most ornament plants toxic?

What I want to emphasize is that plants have their reasons to be toxic.
Nature intended that way:

Their composition element is base due to deter animals & insect from eating their foliage. Hence - that's why the poison (they are not vegetables)

Another thing, I realized that gardening is not for the soft-hearted.
It's dangerous and a gardener may have to face many challenges.

One may have to face all the creepy crawlies, reptiles and wild life.
Face the insect world head on: Bees, Wasp, Hornets, Scorpions, Spiders & Centipede.
I'm pretty sure some had wage war with Ants and other vermin & pest.

With all been said above.
I think ZZ plant is much easier compared to other dangerous plants.

I must say that this genes is excellent for poor soil medium area.
Also perfect for stone gardening theme - the Xeriscape Garden Theme or Landscaping.


Do not place this plant near you (like at the dining table / work table)

Put it far where you can see and enjoy looking at the beauty but (see no touch) location.

Keep it far from children & pets or any chance of accidentally brushing or bruising the plant.

And wash your hands if you handle this plant when watering or touching it.

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