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Friday, September 20, 2019

Begonia - U309 (Update 2021)


This Rex Begonia is not very brilliant with colors similar like most kampung begonias, this one you will find the red tones are very much in the background tones  unlike most Rex Begonia (Cameron - Highland Types) where the red tones at the back leaf is very prominent - this one however has none. 

The color/tones are repetitive where the center and the border edges are of the same color with the mid veins are of dark burgundy tones. The foliage appear to be oval and grows generously big.
When grown in shade - the tones appears diluted and spans out big whereas if receive good strong light - the olive green background with white speckles tones.

This particular one often cultivated in rural region around Malaysia where the locals identify this one as "Asam Batu Kampung" This one is extremely hardy and has less care factor which grows easily as it had acclimated around the surrounding area. Often planted around shaded area where it receives good humidity.

I'm still in love with this huge fan-shaped begonia. Again, its a huge big plant.
It's a very thirsty plant, without watering adequately the whole leaf structure will fall and flop due to stress. 

It can be fatal if this plant is receiving too much water.
I had noticed that the stalks and leaf stem seemed to be "exploded" like a straw 
blown off from inside out and the internal appear to be fibrous. 

Do be cautious in the watering regime. 
Also it's best to have a spare plant using a leaf propagation.
Just in case, you will never know.

The flowers are not so showy as I expected. More to reveal itself. Let's see.

Robust new leaf formation showing forth. 
More excited then ever to see this begonia to form in a bush formation.

I took this picture from one of the nursery where this begonia is grown below under table, 
hidden and I think it's not for sale.

Here is the link where I had put together a list of all the begonias that I had come across. A database of all the different types & their characteristics. Please click on the link on the title above for the post.

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