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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, September 16, 2019

Begonia Update

It's official.
Often I thought I won't make it proper with begonias
as they are so well known to succumb to sudden death in matter of days.

As most gardeners would had experienced their characteristics
- their elusive secrets buried together with them.

My Aha moments are the ones that
I consider lavishly where I can abuse them and yet they thrive.
Yeah.. stone me - I know what it feels like constantly buying a pot of begonia
only to see them with burnt leaf edges, fallen leaves - each on a singular day span
and finally bidding a farewell with a root-rot.
I know all the tell-tale signs and symptoms.

So what these?
A quick cheat-code of what many call it, you may presume BATA plants?
(Buy And Throw Away) plants?

I wish...
These do prove sold in limited quantity and fairly not a cheap plant to consider.

And surely,
I had finally can to a certain degree able to rejoice and more to my collection in figuring it out
- their sworn-hidden secrets..

Finally revealed to me after years and years of cultivating them
with trials and error (more dead plants in my hands)

And thus finally, when I almost gave up.
I found that they are somehow not so fussy a plant to care.
Once apply the reasonable requirement
- I had added more of their various Rex in my collection
and amazed that they survived
and now thriving more than few months with more vigorous growth.

Do bare with me with my detailed information
on my care and cultivation of all these begonias in my collection
and my experience in my hand.

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