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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Spiderwort / Dayflower (Commelina erecta)

I got this plant cutting from a plant swap exchange from a gardener of which I find it quite interesting due to the unique two blue petaled flowers which appears only to bloom in the morning and fades away by noon time. 

Commelina erecta (Commelina elegans) commonly known as the dayflower or widow's tears, is a perennial herb native throughout the Americas, Africa & western Asia.  I have yet to see the white flowered version of this and somehow I would consider this rare as I had not seen sold in any nurseries or common garden displays both commercial or private.

I find that it is slightly confusing as this particular one is considered a Spiderwort species.
Commelinaceae, or the spiderwort family, is the largest family of the order, containing 652 species of which some are Tradescantia, Dichorisandra and Callisia species.

Hence their characteristics and plant care needs are almost similar in their nature and conditions.

However I find this plant is quite hardy and easy to care for in this climate. It does well in the open area planted outdoors exposed to sun & rain however not suitable as shaded plants. 

Bright open Outdoor area for it to bloom during early morning and flower fades by afternoon.
Won't Bloom in Shaded Area though the plant may able to grow in this condition - however may appear to be growing leggy.


I find that this plant is so easily and versatile that it can grow well in the poorest of the soil condition. At best - a good mixture of well balance medium will do good for it to grow when place them as plant cutting. I find this plant can appear to be quite messy looking and therefore may require pruning time to keep them tidy and neat/

Similar to most tradescantia conditions - this one does require adequate watering but can do without water on the long run - too much water can cause root rot for this one.


I find propagation is quite easy as any part of the plant cutting does well as a new plant growth - just make sure you trim and poke a node in the soil and 2 nodes as top crown.

The roots however can be quite bushy and full (almost like the same behavior you would find with Purple Queen) (Tradescantia pallida)


I had found that they are prone to scale insect which does great damage when the plant happens to be grown in shaded areas and often I just prune and throw away infected areas as they are quite damaged.

However the infestation does not occur when they are exposed to bright direct sunlight and open to rain.
Therefore I understand this one is a sun loving plant & may require this ideal condition for optimum growth and flowering conditions.


I find that they form a flowering crown and the flowers bloom from there on daily basis. Do take note not to trim or prune off the flowering crown - though the flowers fade away by noon - new blooms appear by the next morning.

The also climbs upwards creating segments like a ladder form which can be a unsightly and leggy in appearance - however, new flower buds appear in each nodes and may appear interesting when they bloom.


I also found a wild type which has a fluffy foliage structure but find it having a strong invasive behavior where it can practically overpower and grow above another plant and appear to be "choking" another ornamental plant and thus I had pulling it out and discard it. I also found that that particular one do have very tiny insignificant light blue flowers but rarely bloom nor showy.
This explains a lot of their invasive behavioral characteristics where not many of this kind are considered as a an ornament plant.

Please click on the Link below for the Main Page
For other basic information of plant Care and Different Types of Tradescantia Species:
Different Types of Tradescantia Species

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