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Friday, December 11, 2020

Alocasia Polly - Introduction


I had hard times finding out the actual difference between Alocasia "Polly" vs Alocasia sanderiana vs Alocasia amazonica. I had found a strong contention concerning the species vs hybrid and even that with much disagreement comes in the forum discussion that a lot is still not clear.

However there are few matters that is made clear and I hope I got the facts right:

1) There is NO - Alocasia Amazonica.

There never was any native species of Alocasia in Amazon - this particular name is created to give an exclusive horticultural common name for marketing purpose. Adding to the confusion it is actually a hybrid and not a species. Sometimes described incorrectly as Alocasia x amazonica but now with much discussion the matter is getting cleared.

2) Common Names:  African Mask, Jewel Alocasia, Alocasia Alligator, Kris Plant
Sometimes known commercially as "Alocasia Polly"

3) It's All the Same Plant
With all the variants and slight difference with plant foliage structure especially the veins, texture and patterns - they all are the same plant growing in different condition and plant size.

Apparently when the corm grows bigger and the plant matures - the leaf structure can appear different from the juvenile plant.

Originally Alocasia "Polly" was meant to be a dwarf version where the plant is short and compact in their growth condition - however I think as the plant grows they somehow revert back to one of the parent plant when the plant ages.

I find one of the slight characteristics are the folds and crest formation at the leaf corners which I find a unique signature of the Alocasia "Polly" hybrid.

4) Alocasia Sanderiana

There are however another different species Alocasia which is named as Alocasia sanderiana which is endemic in Phillipines but critically endangered. Often these are found in the wild and sadly might be poached and sold online for a very cheap price.

I had not found any reliable pictures to truly identify the true nature of A.Sanderiana but I'm suspecting that it may not have sharp definitive features and may appear to be less attractive as ornamental plant.

Alocasia Polly sold in nursery (pic above)

Planted in Outdoor Full Sun Area

Alocasia Polly cultivated in full sun area - the foliage structure and size of plant in different appearance.
I also noticed the folds and crest appearance at the side of the leaf denoting the A.Polly characteristics.

 5) There are other varieties and types which are named as 

- Alocasia Pseudo Sandariana
- Alocasia Mortfontanensis
- Alocasia longiloba
- Alocasia longiloba 'watsoniana'
- Alocasia lowii

Somehow they may have slight variations to strong character accents in their features however just as I had mentioned - there are too many slight difference but can be of the same plant.

This may be another variant or the same type as polly which I had grown it in the open where it receive a good dosage of sunlight but protected from heavy rain. It had grown bigger and so the leaf structure appearance to be long and slender.

There is no appearance of wavy appearance like crest or folds which intrigue me that it might be something else altogether. However there is a lot of corrugated folds in between the veins that causes me to be suspicious that this might be a matured version of Alocasia "Polly" 

If you noticed both foliages are from the same plant but have a slight difference where the veins can appear to be alternative in one and the other equal in formation like a mirror image.

These are grown in the balcony where it receive bright shade and away from rain. It may be the same plant as above type where the corrugation appearance at the center formation is the same. I can only know the difference when the plant grows into maturity.

Other matters concerning the Care & Cultivation Methods on Watering, Medium and Pruning
Do refer to the link below:
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