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My Vertical Garden Wall


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Making Evergreen Wreath for Christmas

I must say I'm quite surprised to find an artificial plastic wreath can cost easily RM30 which I would say it's an expensive piece especially when I want to make an emphasis that wreath must retain some originality especially like this one - these fresh pine leaves, the very essence of Christmas is actually in the Scent! 

Something that cannot be artificially manufactured - you can do away with a Christmas Tree.. but please not this one, I mean - it's still forgivable with a original conifers.
And so - to save Christmas..
These are how I do this one - an original Christmas Wreath.

Plant Matter:

1) Juniper sprig
2) Chinese Arborvitae (Platycladus orientalis)
3) Bottle brush sprig
4) Rose of India flower buds
5) Conifers.


The Base: Thick Strong Metal Wire.
The Holding Wire: Flexible Thin Wire.
1) The Big Round - One round thick wire. (to tie up the frame)
2) One roll of thin wire (to tie up all the plant materials on the frame)

This is the most important material I'm using a thick strong metal wire.

Do use a very sturdy support - you can use a roll of dried vines where you can get from florist - I wouldn't recommend a green foam oasis for this though as these Evergreen pine stalks and stem can be heavy and may that may not able to support that much weight on them.

Do find a satisfactory circular size which you prefer as a wreath size and Twist & Roll and give a few inches extra for hanging purpose like the picture below.


Place the plant material in one direction - coil and twist the thin wire for support make sure another piece of the plant material layers above at the brown stem as to layer one after another - seamlessly.

Do alternative different plant material to create different texture and tones. Fix and see if you are satisfied with the look and proceed with the next loop of plants until the circle is complete.

Once the Evergreen is done - do fasten the conifers and any other fancy dried flowers on the wreath. Do take note on the weight of the plant materials - if they are too heavy they will go out of shape.

These can last for a 4-6 weeks indoors.

They will retain the green coloration and the foliage will slowly will turn brown or start falling so take note of those tiny pieces if you are having a carpet or underneath a fire place for safety reasons.

By then, I'm pretty sure you had taken these down.

I hope these Christmas Traditions brighten up the day, especially during the Covid Pandemic - it would do great to lift up the Christmas Celebration.



Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Wonderful job! I like your wreath!!! Happy Holidays to you!

James David said...

Happy New Year to you Tatyana! Thank you.

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