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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Garden, the Birds and The Best of Pillow Talk

I must say that gardening is indeed a tiring work, though the rewards of tiling, working out the soil, planting, pruning and carrying heavy stuff and cleaning does sounds a good workout and refreshing - though it is so rewarding, the pain of labor does comes afterwards.

Especially when you have a back aches and neck pains, the suffering and pain comes with dividends on the next day.

So hitting the sack, so to say - a pillow talk:

Searching for that particular comfort zone for the ever aching-neck and backaches does sound like a very big deal, especially after a hard day work.

Recently I had given the opportunity to try out this product:
Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow

This particular pillow however made it to be the
No:1 as the Best 8 Pillows in Singapore.

It has a latex foam cushioning and support which comes with a removable Tencel fabric pillow cover that is easy to clean and suitable for machine wash. The pillow will set accordingly to the shape of your head, and so it helps a good night sleep especially there is no need to readjust and set the pillows over & over again finding that comfort zone. Also it made with hypoallergenic properties that have lesser dust, bacteria or mold issues - If you are worried about hygienic issues.

I must say I'm indeed surprised that I don't hold my neck and self-massage myself recently - knowing these pain don't go easily and somehow without realizing - the pain is not there anymore. 

Founders of Origin Mattress, Shaun and Gee
Founders of Origin Mattress, Shaun and Gee
Photo Credit: Express Photography

A little bit about the founders:

The founders Shaun and Gee came up with Origin Malaysia to give consumers the ease of buying mattresses without the technical complications or breaking the bank. After extensive research and working with German design engineer, Frank Richter, they bought the patent and chose to manufacture locally in Malaysia.

Thanks to their founders, who understand that purchasing a mattress is a a long term investment but also a bank-busting business with pushy salesmen and endless unfamiliar terminologies.

Origin Mattress
 Website | Facebook | Instagram

Best in Singapore
 Website | Facebook | Instagram

Those darn, nasty pain in the neck!
It's Gone !!! 
(pun intended)

Thanks to this Pillow! 

What To Do With the Old Worn Out Pillow?

And so what to do with Old Worn Out Pillows,
especially when it comes to an issue of want not - throw not issue.
These are a few suggestion which I find a big deal when it comes to Gardening.

1) Make Kokedama Balls For Hanging Plants:

I find the synthetic fiber is very durable and ideal to wrap around into a ball shape form and fasten plant root-ball around it. Just stretch out the fiber material and roll around as an outer later. I use coconut chips as inside base material and thus this helps to hold all of them together.

Usually I had used this type of setting for orchids, dischidia, hoya and ferns.
However as for an experimental try out - I find that it does well even for Crypthanthus species - a Bromeliad plant commonly known as Earthstar Plant.

2) A Root Encouragement Layer Below Drainage Pot.

I find the plants does so well and well established when using these fiber below the drainage hole especially when watering these fiber holds water retention when do not cause root rot.

Often works best for aroids species like dieffenbachia, pothos and agloanema - as these are slow growing plants.

3) Material For Sunbirds to Build Nest.

A little bit of my garden video below:

I know it sound crazy but it is a common sight to find them weaving out these fibers for them to build the nest and often they make quite a song whenever they visit my garden. 

These birds known as Olive Backed Sunbirds are nectar drinking birds - I had planted my garden plants as such to encourage them to visit my garden often.

And so, these are so forth my pillow talk
Hope you enjoyed my story:

A Garden, the Birds and the Best of Pillow Talk:
Thanks to Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow

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