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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Callisia gentlei (Callisia gentlei var. elegans ) Striped Inch Plant

The name seemed to be a bit complicated:
Callisia gentlei commonly known as Striped Inch Plant from a spiderwort family. It shares a synonyms with (Callisia gentlei var. elegans)
I believe there are many variations to this particular type but as far I had found this one seemed stable and considered hardy.

I find that this particular plant seemed to thrive more on a drier side similar to a succulent like conditions, Too wet and it succumb to stem rot and dies. Also I find that it can also lose the stripes when grown in total shade and the plant does become leggy and out of shape as it stretches itself looking for a light source.

Just like most hardy Callisia species - the Watering, Light and Soil Medium is very much similar.
Also this one does require pruning time to time as they can get quite leggy and out of shape. The pruned stem can be propagated back into a new plant.

Another feature which I had found special is that this striped foliage has a nice soft satin feel sort of velvety - as there are fine furry hair on the foliage surface making it very much like a succulent type of plant.

I would say this one is quite a remarkable plant and hardy. 

I had come across it's inflorescent where it comes out like a toothpick from crown center but though appearing interesting with tiny miniature like 3 white petaled flowers it is insignificant and not showy.

 I also find that they have a tiny white flowers which appears to be slightly transparent, however these inflorescent don't last more than a day.

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For other basic information of plant Care and Different Types of Callisia Species:
Different Types of Callisia Species

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