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Friday, November 27, 2020

Callisia sp. (wild type)

There is a childhood memory concerning this particular one. I still remember my mother used to grow this as a hanging basket plant and she showed me the magic about this plant where she snap the succulent leaves and it bleeds fresh liquid and it even gives that snapping sound when the leaves were fold.

That memory stuck on me, however during that time - people were not fond of their plant names rather just randomly identified as hanging potted plants.

Hence it is indeed a hand me down plants, it really never made it into the plant market. Also it does seemed to have an invasive characteristics where it can just grow wildly almost like grass. 

I had not found it's ID yet, I'm suspecting it falls into a Spiderwort or Tradescantia species as they seemed to look alike and have all similarities. 

I must say that this one is quite hardy and easy to care for and grows vigorously on the right condition. Just like all of it's counterparts - they love good direct sun, well watering and rich soil medium for optimum growth.

 I had experimented this by hanging it and it lasted for few weeks before falling apart. The stem seemed to be very durable and able to handle it's own weight unlike other Callisia species where it disintegrates when grows longer. Also the leaves don't look unattractive when they dry out (somehow it shrivels when dry and fall away without creating any mess)

Somehow, I doubt many gardeners are very much in favor of cultivating this one, I for one keep this particular one for memory sake and indeed it is a fairly an easy plant to cultivate and does well as a substitute for weeds and grassy areas.

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For other basic information of plant Care and Different Types of Callisia Species:
Different Types of Callisia Species


dongui_1 said...

Hi there, thanks for the interesting post on this particular callisia species.
Was just wondering if you've managed to ID it? I have a species that I grow as a mat on the ground that looks very similar. I've been told it is also called Callisia repens?


James David said...

Hello Dongui,
Yes I have managed to catalogued most of the Callisia species. You can check it out on the Different Types of Callisia in my Blog:

Hope this helps.

James David said...

Do click on the link page below on the "Favourite Popular Posts" for more details

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