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Friday, November 27, 2020

Callisia Repens "Gold" or Callisia Repens var.

At first glance I really thought it was Callisia Repens Gold but then it started to turn slightly paler almost like "Pink Lady" with the jaded tones of tiny pink dots.
I might be wrong on both ends however it is definitely not the common green type.

Also I find that it is slightly a bit sensitive and a slow grower plant. I had yet to notice any vigorous growth on this one. The plant do seemed to be compact in growth and somehow flimsy rather that having a good density clump. I must say - it is indeed fragile and can easily damaged if handled roughly.

Come to think of it, I realized that there are not much study is done on these particular type of ornamental plants except for few basic introductions on Watering/Light/Soil Medium - that's all have been introduced and often portrayed as an easy going plant.

I wished the plant vendors give more details apart from the plant origin rather give more details on how this particular plant had been cultured and developed - whether if it a hybrid and how was the process done and the place of origin and the months or years it took to develop the variegation process as such.

Like most plant - these types will eventually saturate into the plant market and slowly fade away if not cared properly. This particular Callisia do tend to disintegrate similar to "pink lady" type. Hence care is required not to expose to direct rain or hot sun and protection against snails and slugs.

Also constant pruning and replanting is needed to keep the plant fresh - as they tend to get leggy and may become matured. I found that some types - similar like Coleus species - if they are not cut and replanted, the plant tend to mature and die away. 

I'm pretty sure this one fall into that category.

 Other than that, it is indeed an fairly easy plant to care given all the requirement it needed. I had not seen it blooming - however the inflorescence may be insignificant given the factor Callisia only have tiny blooms.

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For other basic information of plant Care and Different Types of Callisia Species:
Different Types of Callisia Species

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