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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall
My Vertical Garden Wall

Friday, November 13, 2020

Growing Begonia Hydroponic Method - Update 1 Year (Video)

This is my Update from my first experiment using a mop-wick system which I started from Sept 2019.

Over a year some had thrived and done so well, some lasted for a few months and died or gone dormant. Due to the past rodent infestation that faced had badly damaged most of my begonias. It had caused great damage to other plants as well and some of it had died out of stress. Once I had handled the pest control. 

The begonias began to pick up. 
The ones that really did well, amazingly thrived and grew large in super size. 

Here in this set-up are : 
Begonia Chivalry, Begonia Jolly Silver, Begonia 'Silver King', Begonia - U578, Begonia - U514, Begonia - Luzonensis, Begonia Aquamarine, Bethlehem Star.

1 comment:

Maya Garcia-Hector said...

Hello from Florida! This is incredible, they're doing so well. I'd love to try this.

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