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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Cane Begonia - Lucerna - Part 2

This is very much of my update from my earlier post concerning this Cane Begonia.
I do find this particular one like most begonias temporary and do not last very long - hence making spares are quite important and mandatory but there are set-backs where the cuttings may not survive.

This is actually the detailed features of new foliage coloration - I'm actually surprised to note the burgundy coloration on the new leaf - as such where it is very much spotted and painted in red tones unlike the matured leaves where is very much olive green.

Eventually the leaf grows bigger and the tones turns more paler - turning from the burgundy to olive and eventually dark green. The transition is indeed mysterious as it takes weeks - if not months to actually note the coloration difference.

However, not being fussy about the leaves - as you may get worried looking at the pale leaves, I realized that I had lost a considerable number of plants when I cared less. I must say - especially when they don't look good - the chances of the plant to succumb to slow death is inevitable - therefore check and balance to ensure their wellbeing should not be taken for granted.

Eventually the foliage size doubled up - eventhough they grew with limited bright indirect light. I must say they don't do well in total shade. It must be sheer luck - I must say - as most cuttings didn't make it.

This is however, just one plant cutting. I'm really hoping that it would last long and branch off more. I'm also hoping that I can get my hands to a very good fertilizer that makes this one grow robust as I understand the right fertilizer is the key to make them grow well - anything else that is of the ordinary somehow either makes no difference or it is too strong and make these succumb to root rot and the plant dies.

Keeping my fingers cross - I'm just delaying the inevitable. Unless I find the right fertilizer for these one. I'm going to kiss all of these good bye. I had lost few begonias with no hope of reviving any of the cuttings as the plant cuttings rotting away.

Indeed they are quite a fussy and difficult plant to cultivate.

However, the challenge makes it all the more interesting and their fleeting beauty more coveted for. I'm still mesmerized by their spotted beauty. I can't get enough from them - I'm pretty sure you know what I mean if you are seeking to keep them in their best condition. I must say - I have not yet found their secrets yet.

In this journey in slowing figuring them out - I believe it is a slow long journey of discovering small little things and figuring it out - sometimes out of mistakes and sometimes out of accidents.. And often times, a sheer of luck and unknown reasons. The beauty of garden and especially begonias - there are always a mystery to it - why one can grow them extremely well and sometimes they don't in another gardener's care.


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