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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Friday, January 4, 2019

Welcome 2019...Bromeliads

Finally set for this New Year.
With blazing colours, stripes and splashes..
I wished I had a red paint and sprinkle on them to add more vibrant tones..
Here it is: A final work for this year:

Showcase here are the various collection of bromeliads collected over the years.
I had retained more colours and given away the greens
(giving chance for more colours than boring green)

I had many challenges with them
With cats climbing over them and squirrels nibbling over the bud crowns and toppling over the whole pot and it falls on my begonias - it was truly heart-breaking to see the mess and investigating what went wrong.

I had stopped using crushed eggshells as organic fertiliser as it somehow attracts tree shrews and squirrels to investigate and the faint egg-shell fragrance somehow encourage these rodents to nibble on my plants. I had lost few orchids stalks because of this menace.

The red seemed to be more vibrant and glorious with the sun on them.
However, I had not seen their flowers.
Without flowers, there would be any pups and there won't be any cascading features without them.

Somehow, it all turned out ok.
I just love the colours that it gives out
Truly brightens the day...

The corner side is a bit questionable, whether to remove the whole lot of orchid colony which had failed me from blooming last year. I'm still spraying fertilisers on them.
Well, we'll see for another year.
If nothing happens - then its time to bit fare-well to them.

All good panoramic full view and a view from the balcony.
Somehow, these pictures do not do justice to them -they are simply beautiful.

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