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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Friday, January 4, 2019

Bromeliads Reset

After like a decade,
I suddenly got bored with Billbergia pyramidalis, known as Flaming torch.

The reason: It was the only one I actually had.
And believe me or not - it was my first bromeliad
to try my hands one and the very first one actually died due to over care.
It had got rotten to the core.

Then later, after figuring it out,
I learned the science of caring for them.

Its not like any other plant and they do die regardless what the internet experts say.
In fact, it died rotting than any other reason - water proof it seemed..

Anyway, after under the sun for about a year, I realised some didn't fare well,
especially the one below that got severely burned.
The greens had grown faster and started choking the sensitive ones.
And it was due time to reset all of them. 

It was challenging as I have limited space
and can only keep few and so  I have to be selective in my choices.
Eventually I had given away most of the green ones to new gardeners
who wants to try their hands on bromeliads.

It took awhile to hang all of them properly.
Eventually satisfied with the arrangement - the extra's given away as gifts.

Follow up with the next post on this.

Featuring  - Fire ball Neoregelia.
It will only turn red when exposed to good bright sunlight.
Lovely isn't it?

(Work in progress)


Ela said...

Beautiful plants !!
Happy New Year !!

James David said...

Thank you Ella & Hapy New Year to you too

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