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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Orchids Layout

This is one of the most challenging and also the most rewarding types of orchids.
I just love the continuous blooming period these orchids give me. I also have different varieties of phalaenopsis orchids here which are yet to bloom.
I'm just hoping that they break their dormancy and start blooming.

After many trials and error which many died along the way.
I found the most stable way in keeping them:
I place them in coke plastic bottles using styrofoam, pillow fibres, charcoal and broken pottery.

I had removed all the sphagnum Moss and no longer use coconut husk or chips as I find they then to rot and cause root rot and kill my orchids.

Another challenge are snails. I had to use snail bait and poison them time to time or they do heavy damage on the succulent leaves.
I used to put crushed egg shells on them and that proved to be a bad idea as tree shrews and squirrels starts digging out the orchids out of the containers and sometimes start eating the rootball as the aroma of crush eggshells attracts these rodents.

I had introduced Palm Orchids - hoping that they will bloom someday.

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