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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cane Begonia

This is the update of my Cane Begonia.
I had put a stick to support it and was surprised to see that they had overgrowth it.
Now, its one of the tallest plant challenging my blackberry lily plant.

There was once that it rain very heavy and had this begonia had got lost its balance and had snapped due to the weight of the leaves. I had immediately secured the branch by tightening the strings and the broken branch had somehow healed itself.

Though it grows tall, I have not seen the hard dry wood, instead its still the red soft stalk growing tall. I'm happy to note that there are some nice flower blooms.

They are not so showy but pretty somehow.

The flower pictures where taken in stages, hope you enjoy the development. Its one of the easiest begonias and now it had given out many beautiful foliage. It is said that begonia flowers are edible but I'm really sure how true that is. I had eaten Wax Begonia flowers, they seemed to be a little sour but nice.
Begonias are known as "Asam Batu" locally which means "Stone Tamarind" I'm not sure which part of it is considered as stone but they sure does taste close to a tamarind.

If you want to know my experiences on my trials & success of the cane begonia -
do click for label listed on: Cane Begonia


Stephanie said...

Begonias that are good enough for growing out in the open in our climate in my 'wish list' :-) Do place this begonia out in the open or under shade? The ones with green leaves fair well in the open I was told. But I am so sure. What's your experience.

James David said...

Steph. - Based on my experience, the coloured begonias change colours when placed in the sun.
They somehow have more delicate richer colour when placed in shade.

Also it depends how much sun - scrotching heat may burn the leaves, as what I experience - begonias are not sun lovers, infact all of my begonias are placed in shade & they are doing fine. The only green coloured begonia I have is the wax begonia but they too thrive well in shade. Not sure which one fares well in the sun.

Tira said...

I know these plants from childhood. We used to at the young flowers-we called them "bread and cheese "LOL

James David said...

Nicole - what an interesting name, wonder is it because its edible?

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