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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Garden Beauty - Mum's Garden

All of my mum's favourite plants, they had bloomed and made her day for that garden moment.
Hope you enjoyed these florals just as I had captured them in that moment.

All of my coleus plants comes from my mum's garden. Her collection seemed to be more vibrant and brilliant. I guess it must be the mother's hand that makes them more beautiful.
This is the older version of Bougainvillea, way before the new breed or cultivars been introduced.
The flowers blooms after few months in season and not like the new breed where it always have blooms.

Can anyone tell me what plant is this? I'm guessing that this may be Foxglove.


Stephanie said...

Hi James, those hydrangeas are beautiful! Mine is still a small plant. I wish for mine to bloom soon. Oh, that Foxglove is it not Angelonia? It is a pretty shrub. I wish I have more space in my garden to grow more shrubs. And yes, your mother really has greenfingers!

James David said...

Steph - thanks for the information, Yes, its Angelonia. I googled and checked and the flower looks like it.

Jan said...

I lovw all of your plants and blooms, James! You take lovely photos, as well!

Sue said...

Your Angelonia is beautiful. I thought at first glance it was foxglove, till I enlarged the photo. I've never seen Angelonia before-quite pretty. Easy to grow??

Scott & Liz said...

James, Great images. Bougainvilla are just starting to really crank up their blooms as the rainy season has ended. The oncidium orchid is a fvae of mine. Great post.

James David said...

Thanks Jan & Scott - appreciate your encouragement.

Sue - I never seen Angelonia before, this is my first time. My mum mentions that all she does is cut the leggy part and replant and they seemed to do very well. The flower continously blooms. I guess it must be very easy.

Stephanie said...

Btw, your mom has good taste in plant selection!

Noelle Johnson said...

I love how plants can make people happy. Especially when they are in flower. Your pictures are wonderful.

James David said...

Steph - oh, I must tell my mum about this.
thanks... (lol)

Noelle (azplantlady) -
Thanks! You have a lovely desert as your backyard, surely it really interesting to find all the hardy plants growly everywhere. You also have a lovely blog

James David said...

Can you see it?
The two hollow depression are the eye sockets and the tiny green pinch are the nose with the mouth open wide?

Terra Mirabilis said...

I love the posts about your mum's garden! And I had no idea you could grow hydrangeas in the tropics. My mum, in England, used to grow them and I always liked them.

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