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Monday, October 26, 2009

Colours in the Garden

These are my additional updates about colours.
This one is known as Aluminium Plant.

I had it before but it really didn't do well. This collection came from the rescued plants. The stem was badly damaged, I had trimmed it and replant them, it took awhile for it to grow and when it did - it gave some nice 4 leaved sprouts.

Something to consider that little thing matters.

This Basket Plant do not have primary roots, they just sit here in this make shift pot, the soil is nothing but a mixture of compost & sand. (Most of the compost came from all the pruned drying leaves.) I had collected the rest and placed of them here and placed it on my roof. They are still doing fine. Its amazing hardy plant with a nice cream stripes.

I still haven't identified the name for this begonia, as far as for me to identify it, I call it Curled-leaf Begonia. If anyone can identify the name, I would really appreciate it. Like any begonias - this one have 2 shades of colour.
The top pic notes the leaf colour in red as it had been well exposed in sunlight & the bottom 2 are placed in shade.

Finally, These are many varieties of colours arranged closely that makes my garden alive & vibrant. All the small plants put together and they really give the colourful impact that I often stop & admire. Most of the time I would be picking snails and slugs and dry leafs.
The Purple Queen didn't do well this time, I'm afraid that it might die slowly as too much water (rain) and lack of sunlight may kill the plant. I had removed it from this collection and may have to place it by the sun or what is left of that limited light that comes during this time of the year.
I would dearly miss these just as I miss my Zebra Tradescantia. Both of them have a lovely colours combo on their leaves. For the matter, purple & yellow go very well as they are great opposite colours. When these colours are placed together, they make a small garden look big.


Sue said...

You have a very nice collection of plants!

Stephanie said...

James, I have that 'unidentified' begonia too. I cannot find its name yet either. That aluminium plant is the I like best here. Good that you rescued it. And your plant arrangement is wonderful. Very nice combination of foliage pattern and shape.

Mary Delle LeBeau said...

Your begonia is fantastic. I love it in both colors. The red is beautiful, but the greenish is more subtle next to it. A nice contrast.

Noelle Johnson said...

I do love the collection of colors and textures of these plants. I especially like the begonia leaves.

James David said...

Thank you Sue, Mary & Noelle for sharing your thoughts, really appreciate your comments.

Steph - I wanted to show you the begonia you have can change colour like this when its placed in the sun. Thanks for the encouragement.

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