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My Vertical Garden Wall


Friday, October 30, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I must tell you that this is my First Award.
(And No.. its not Honest Crap!!!)
Never thought about receiving one Award, I always envied those blogs which be highly decorated with all kinds of award. I guess its just one of the things that makes life a little interesting and fun.
I really appreciate Noelle Johnson (AZ plant lady) from Plant Tips & Guidelines for the Desert Garden (blog). She have been very helpful in her advice in garden plants, a very good blotanical garden friend who keeps in touch in comments and often picking my post in my garden blog.
Thank you for this Award.
If you are a receiver of this award, you need to share some things about yourself. Then, you need to pass along the award to 10 of some of your favorite blogger. I'm suppose to tag 10 people and pass this award to, so if you if like it - great! but it don't then its OK. No pressure in making a must. After all - its just for fun.
1. My Fantasy Garden:
I often wished to have a rooftop garden where I can take my dip in a long bath surrounded by fragrant flowers and have tea in the evening reading my favourite book. Having more than a garden, like having birds nesting and breeding is one of those cherished thoughts.
2. My Scariest Experience:
I really don't have so much that I can consider a scare,
except for huge centipedes running towards me when I reset my potted soils,
the first impulse is to smash them with my spade.
3. Then it was some moments where when gardening in late night (yes, I garden till early in the morning) and there is this sudden creepiness that comes and startle me few times until I would call it a day. Sort of a vampire watching me...
(too much of night fragrant plants that is in my mind)
4. I love cats.
I used to have cats as pets and somehow I feel very much attached to them.
I had phobia with dogs. It happened when I was younger & I saw my little sister tried to pet a wild dog and it attacked her violently. My parents blamed me for not taking care of her. Back then I was about 9 years old & she about 6. Ever since then, I had trouble getting close to dogs, only last year did I manage to make peace with them when my neighbour had a puppy. I finally overcame my phobia with dogs.
5. I come from the family of 5, having 2 elder sisters and a younger sister & a youngest brother. Compared to all my siblings, only my mom & I have gardening tendency. The rest of them have different hobbies & interest.
6. We came from a poor family, life was hard for us. Everything I owed was shared & its considered the greatest sin when food was wasted. I lived in street side shop houses where there is no garden. My gardening passion was partially satisfied when I garden in friends or any of my relatives garden.
7. Only when I got married and got a house did my passion exploded with all the plants I wanted to plant and grow, only then did I feel really at home. With my garden.
8. Whenever I go visit my mom, (she shifted for a better garden space) we would first spend the time talking about each plants progress or do some minor gardening or harvesting before doing anything else. If that time any of my mom's friends or neighbours drop by, she would introduce me as stating that only both of us are crazy for plants.
9-10. My favourite Garden Movie.
(I pruned my 10.. if not, its way too long)
I must say that whenever I watch a movie, more than anything - the Garden seemed to impress me more than all the stories put together.

a) Minority Report , Tom Cruise will meet a lady who tends her garden where her garden is actually alive with carnivorous plants.

b) Lost in Space, Matt leBlac acts here (famous in Friends) I love the part where they come to a spaceship and find a huge hydroponic garden.

c) Disney - Tinkerbelle : The movie have a great imagination of fairies and nature stuff. I can watch it over & over again.

d) Ferngully - I love those fairies who work in growing plants and the moral of the story (it had an impact in my childhood about deforestation)

e) An Finally - The Chronicles of Narnia - Love the way the flower petals fairy dance, with trees moving and beautiful landscape. There are many more, just can't think of their names right now.
I hope I have not bored you to tears. Hope its not the torture I had placed you, especially when its Halloween and all. and if you are afraid of getting this award. Please pass it on to ten other blogger, hopefully they will get into it. The list below is in no particular order.
1) Stephanie from Steph's Green Space.
Its about her lovely garden experiences and often times have all the rare and exotic looking plants.
2) AutumnBelle from My Nice Garden.
Its about her urban gardening adventures and personal stories. I often enjoy all the garden stories and the native plants she discovers and write about.
3) Jacqueline from John&jacq~s Garden.
I really enjoy her hard work in her research and compiling the detailed plant profiles. Very much I have discovered so many plants characters from her postings.
4) Julian from Tropical Garden
Its about his experiences about the tropical garden, vegetables, insect and all the things that really marvels me a lot when he writes these things in his blog.
4) Sue from Making a House a Home.
She is from Michigan who enjoy having a lovely outdoor lifestyle. I often enjoy looking at her nature adventures and also her comments.
5) Mary Delle from Secret Cottage Garden.
She is so amazing when she put her hands into gardening. Everything seemed to spring up into life. (That is my perception of course) Most of the plants she garden are very difficult for me even to start with and hers grows so lavishly.
6) Di from Voice in the Garden.
She has stunning nature views that makes me jaw drop and most times wonder am I in the same planet with her. She just captures that beauty.
7) Nell Jean from Secrets of Seed Scatterer.
Often amaze with all the tropical plants she plants in the garden. She just have the green thumb for it.
8) Jaime Boey from Snapshots of Home Gardening.
Just loves to garden. You take so much trouble to take care of your beautiful garden.
9) Sue from A Corner Garden.
I'm constantly amazed at her garden development. Whats been done in days that patch would have taken me months to accomplish. This award is for you Sue.
10) Kenneth Moore from The Indoor Garden(er).
Just love his experiences indoor container gardening. Often share our episcia experiences which seemed to do well for both of us.
. This seemed to be more difficult that I thought.
With few of the names already taken in the list from Rosey Pollen & Noelle - this seemed to be quite a difficult task in just finding another 10 names.
If I have tagged you and you would like to participate, just click the award and save it as an image and insert into your own Honest Scrap Award post.
Thank you very much for all the support in your comments, in encouragements and being part of my life in my Garden Chronicles.


Autumn Belle said...

OK, James, thank you very much for passing this award to me. I like the award picture, so I will accept this and my post will be 'coming soon'. Just give me some time.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi James,
Thanks for the nice things you said about my blog. I have had others do that, too, and I let them know I don't participate in tagging. It's in my sidebar, but probably too wordy. I may make it shorter.

Chloe m said...

What a great list! Nice to learn more about you. I love Chrn Narnia too.

Mary Delle LeBeau said...

James, I will take your challenge and answer the honest scrap soon. I have to think about this.

Nell Jean said...

Hi James. I noted that I'm tagged by you to be an Honest Scrap. It will be a few days, but you will get to read about me, and I'll link back to you, which is the real reason behind these things. The originators hoped that bloggers all down the line keep linking all the way back to them, but it usually doesn't work out that way, which is Honest.

Stephanie said...

James, many thanks for the nice words and award!!! I really appreciate it! I recalled an award from Autumnbelle with similar requirement that I have not fulfilled yet. Gosh, honestly I am not spontaneous in writing things about myself. One day I would sit down and try to think about this ok. I am thankful that my blog has a follower like you! Many thanks again for the award and I receive it with a grateful heart. Have a pleasant weekend :-D

Sue said...

Thank you for nominating me James, but I think I'm going to have to pass on this one. I've had too much of a hard time in the past trying to just pick a few of my bloggy friends. Too stressful!!
But thank you again-I so enjoy reading about the wonderful plants you grow there, and it's nice to know a bit about you now too!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for sharing a little about yourself, James. I do appreciate your award, though I wish to decline participation. Your kind words about my garden blog is noted with thanks.
BTW, I've just sign-in as a follower, but my blogger link which is not garden-related is automatically linked instead of my garden link. Sorry about that. There's no option to change that, right?
Have a lovely week ahead!

James David said...

Autumn Belle, Mary Delle, Nell JEan, Stephanie - You are most welcome, very much looking forward to know more about you all.

Corner Garden Sue, Sue, Jacq - its ok actually, I understand the stress as I too went thru it, took a lot of effort actually to go thru the whole thing. No pressure.

Rosey Pollen - thanks, I guess we all know a little of each others liking from these kind of awards.

Bay Area Tendrils said...

Congrats on the award, James,
I'm only now reading it!!
It's so difficult to keep up with all the blogs I follow.

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