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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn Berry

Thought twice whether to call this Autumn Berry for a title.
There is no autumn here nor these are berries.

Who am I kidding? It must be the false sense of feeling that drives me to console myself to think that these reflect the current season.
Or rather would it be sensible to say this is my vague version of what I call:

AuTuMn BeEry
(or again after the highlighting I see: August, Tue, Monday - Be Eery)

All these pictures were taken today during my lunchtime near by work place area. I also had managed to collect some basket plant which I planned to distribute some & plant them in my roof garden. Soon all these plants will be gone within few months as I notice the initial construction work in these abandon area had already begun.

In a way, they will not survive after the next season (4 months or so) & this is my tribute to them. I doubt anyone would miss them, let another think a second thought about them. I can only rescue as many plant as possible. I had collected so many and still found more than I can handle here. Well, I have no regrets even if they fence up this area in weeks time.

Ok, for the interesting part:
Tell me if you know the names of these plants from the top pic to the last one,
there is 6 different plants here. Good luck!

Finally at the last picture, what appears to me as Winter,
those Snowflakes cradling a berry.


Autumn Belle said...

James, I'm so sorry I do not know any names here. I would like to wish you and your family members A Very Happy Deepavali!

Noelle Johnson said...

Hello James,

Well, I don't know what any of the plants are, but they are pretty. I am glad that you were able to save some of the plants before construction begins.

Mary Delle LeBeau said...

Wish I could help you with names. Th berries are lovely. So glad you are rescuing them.

Stephanie said...

I would like to wish you a happy happy Deepavali first. You have some interestng plants here. Perhaps they are fig, mangosteen, a kind of melon, black grapes and black cherry? Nice thought on the title of this post. That's an anthurium berry or a dieffenchia's. Please reveal thanks.

James David said...

Thank you Autumn Belle & Stephanie for the Deepavali greeting. I will spending my Deepavali with my in laws and neighbours.

Steph - You got the Fig right. the black grape, black cherry - I must tell you that is a very interesting name for this plant! Thanks for trying.

Do check the next post for the details & the names. The rescue mission is still in stages, I didn't do much - just what I can do. There is more than I can handle there.

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts, its very nice to hear from all of you.

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