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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn Berry - Extended Version 2

I hope these pictures does justice in revealing all the Autumn Berry plant description.
This one is Elephant Ears, a Alocasia species.
A lot of these fruits are opening.
If you notice, the flower closes and roll up and later explode with bright coloured seeds.
I guess its meant to attract birds as they eat and the seeds been propagated that way.

This is Black Nightshade (Solanum Nigrum)
I had taken few cuttings of these and all of them are successful in my garden. but none of them had flowered or put out the fruits and so they don't look interesting as these.

I have no clue of its name, it look very much like ivy and the flower look very much like a gourd.
I had checked few times in google with these description but was unable to find any information on it. The fruit is packed with seeds which look very much similar to tomato seeds.

These are Weeping Fig or Benjamin Fig (Ficus Benjamina)
There are many varieties of this kind. Most of them are invasive and destructive.
Do check the warnings before introducing them in your gardens.

This is known as Roxburgh Fig. (Ficus Auriculata)
It was mentioned that this fruit is edible and Malaysian use it to eat fresh or mix it with pineapple juice. I have not heard about it nor have no clue about eating this one.
Its also known as Buah Ara locally. (but I'm guessing its the edible Figs and not this one)
When I was standing here, lots of these fruits had ripen and littered that area. The fragrance of these fruits were very captivating - they do smell very fruity.

Finally, this Winter berry is known as
Bush Passion Fruit or Running Pop (Passiflora Foetida)
It is very common to find this plant growing everywhere. It must be propagated by birds. I had seen these passiflora flowers but this one seemed to have more fruits than flowers.
Its known locally as Timun Dendang - translated as Drum cucumber.


Stephanie said...

How interesting! TQ for showing those edible berries in detail. I never thought they are edible.

How's Deepavali so far. Did you blow up a lot of firecrackers? Over here, the firecrackers are making a lot of noise in the night time. Have a good time with your family and friends yeah...

James David said...

Steph - please don't get me wrong.
Buah Ara is figs (those that are edible)
These Roxburgh figs are also known as buah Ara.
I read in one website that claims Malaysian eats this fig but I had not heard about it.
(I also doubt that they are poisonous - cause if they are, it would be very much known)

Deepavali was an enjoyable time for me when it comes to food. I was with my inlaws & neighbours for the two days. Too much heavy food, going to many visits was quite hectic for me. My elder son enjoyed his share of playing light firework with his cousin in Jinjang but we were not too happy in Batu Caves as its a war exploding early morning and we were having a 8 month baby who is not well.

Stephanie said...

Enjoy the festivity :-)

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