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Monday, October 19, 2009

Joyweed. (Alternanthera Dentata 'Purple Knight')

I know I got the name right but was confused why the colour began to change from burgundy to green. Ohh.. I realise now, they change colours in shade. I was thinking that it would remain those beautiful burgundy in the shade and may compliment my greens. This is one of the rescued plants which seemed to do so well without any problems.

But they have turned green and gave an unattractive colour, or so to say for me. I had placed the plant outside where it sun shines the brightest and it went back to its glorious colour but much more in the slower rate. (you can see the change of colours in the 2nd & 3rd pic. below)

My only concern is that this plant tend to wilt very fast in the sun when not watered in a day. And so, this needs daily watering. They immediately recover within an hour after watering.
Other than that, they are hardy and fast growers which may turn leggy after few months.
I think the go excellent with coleus and wormwood.

I'm not sure whats eating them, ( snail or slug) notice there are too many holes in the leaves when placed in a shade. I got another variety which have a pink & white patches on the leaves, which goes well indoors, but they look very unhealthy.

Now my garden is slowly turning into a jungle, I may have to start to trim, prune, clear, throw, clean, arrange, organise and make beautiful the garden for Christmas.

Yes - you read it correctly,
I have to start doing it now so that I have enough time to settle outdoors without much interruption. My mum is having few plants as stock to pass to me and I have been postponing that for sometime and I have been eye-ing for some abandoned plants (hoping that nothing or nobody destroy them before I rescue them...hmmmm)
How I wish I got more space... well, I guess I have to make do with I got.


  1. This joyweed is so interesting and bronze red is nice. They look better with sun :-) I guess you have no choice but to keep watering it else you need a big pot for more soil but then space is an issue also he he...

  2. You're right about the glossy burgundy, beautiful sight. Thanks for identifying this plant correctly cos I was told "ever-red" (Loropetalum) but it didn't quite match. Joyweed nice name, ever-joy :)

    Planted next to Calatheas (categories: calathea), a wonderful match until all turned greenish rainy year-end then last Apr, yellow spots all over and wilt. I was clueless.

  3. Hi James, thanks for visiting my blog recently. I really like your color combination between the burgundy and lime green leaves! Nice.

  4. James, you could try planting it with some sphagnum moss around the roots-it holds moisture well and may help it last more than a day without watering. I've done this with some of my plants-my sandy soil dries out to quickly.

  5. hi James,am aparna from bangalore ,I hit your blog while googling for balcony plants..love all your plants ..very beautiful....Hope to get more tips from you regarding plants

  6. Steph - yes, they are sunworshippers.
    There are other varieties that look good in shade. To get a bigger pot is going to be challenging for me because of limited space.

    Jaime - sorry to note that they didn't survive.
    But as I reason they are very hardy. I collected these from abandon areas where they seemed to thrive under hot sun without anyone watering them. Do try again, Im sure you will get it right this time.

    sue - thanks for that brillant idea, never thought about that. Sphagnum moss is rare & expensive - I will try with other alternatives (coconut husk) which is freely available.

    Thanks Jacky & Aparna - do visit & comment as many as possible. You are warmly welcome to my garden and share with my garden experience.


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