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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Friday, June 30, 2023

Step by Step Growing Begonia Hydroponic Method for Beginners

This is my Step by Step Method of Growing Begonia using Mopwick system. I have shown here my method and style on how I arrange them in my set-up. The Material required: 
1) Mopwick- washed, soaked and rinsed for few days to a week - water changed daily. 
2) Water Container to hold the water - also raring fish to control mosquito from breeding 
3) Plastic Basket to hold the mopwick and Begonia root ball 
4) A Slab or a Support pieced to hold the Basket 
5) A Begonia Plant - Soil medium removed & washed root ball Basically I roll the root ball with the mopwick and place them carefully inside the basket an array them with the mop stand falling inside the water body. Finding the right balance of moisture flow in the system as not too wet or not too dry to support the root growth system. Also in Part 2 Where I had set another set-up using bricks in a open aquatic pot with mop strand falling over. Both system works well.

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Anonymous said...

I really appreciated your work! Maybe your readers will come up with some interesting and lovely flowers names.

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