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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Begonia 'Señora Katherine Estaya' vs Begonia 'Doña Nilda Apistar'


By appearance this particular one appears to be very much like a hybrid version of Martin Mystery. Thanks to a facebook group known as The Asian Begonia Alliance, I manage to collect some information concerning this begonia.

It is registered as Begonia 'Señora Katherine Estaya' it is found originally in Philippines, Panay Island as a cultivar. But in closer inspection it has fenices and U192 (Martin Mystery) characters, so it likely is a wild hybrid of these two.

U192(Martin Mystery) is also identified as a native plant in Philippines hence their occurrence may be similar due to their cross-breeding. It is a long domesticated plant so only DNA can say what it actually is.

These are very much rhizome begonias - very much cultivated as a tropical plant may have a plus point where it does well in lowland hot and wet climate zone. Hence plant care is very similar for these types of begonias.

There are other varieties that appears very much similar appearance with this particular one - particularly Begonia 'Doña Nilda Apistar'. They are similar cosmetically, but in growing habits, texture and color pallet they are different.

Begonia 'Doña Nilda Apistar'

Señora Katherine Estaya has flat leaves with mint green veins whereas B. Doña Nilda have slate blue veins and are rogous leaves that become cup like in low humidity, however they flatten a bit in high humidity.

This cultivar is part of the U192 complex, also close relatives of B. 'Martin's Mystery'.
Characterized by its funnel like leaves that become crumpled in low humidity. Its margins are serrated and rogous. Its color is a Milky Magenta with teal markings that radiate from the central vein to its margins. 

This plant is vigorous and adaptable from cold areas to warm and dry places.
It blooms January to November. This cultivar was first discovered in Davao area, grown at garden houses, in rural places.

Side by Side Begonias Pictures Below:

         Doña Nilda Apistar's  vs  Señora Katherine Estaya's

Left Side are all Doña Nilda Apistar's
Right Side are all Señora Katherine Estaya's 

Top are Sun Exposed
Bottom are Shaded.

Thanks to Niel Maceda for documenting this information and making this public.
Information and Photo Credit to: Niel Maceda

The Asian Begonia Alliance where this facegroup has dedicated members who has in depth knowledge in many expertise in association that promotes the discovery, cultivation, hybridisation, and conservation of Begonias in Asia. Their goal is to assist members in growing their collections of asian Begonias, seeds, and knowledge.

FB Link :

To Note:
There aren't any information on this particular Begonia in Google Resource.
Hopefully this information share some greater light and awareness to other begonia lovers.

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Here is the link where I had put together a list of all the begonias that I had come across. 
A database of all the different types & their characteristics. 
Please click on the link on the title above for the post.

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