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My Vertical Garden Wall


Friday, June 2, 2023

Quick Care Tips: Episcia Collection

This was commonly known as Flame Violets which is much hardier than violets itself, both share the same genes - Gesneriaceae. I was ambitious to start a collection on this genes as I thought Episcias were easy and perhaps level up my challenge to another level. To my disappointment - it was not as easy as I thought. 

Regardless, I'm sharing my years of experience with this plant - truly my love-hate relationship plant as they appear to almost to die and revert back to healthy again and at times, the reverse happens like in a cycle.

Tips 1: 
Do take importance on propagating the Stolons as spare plants as this plant is short lived and having spares will ensure you don't lose that particular type when the plant succumbs to rot or dies.

Tip 2: 
Do invest on a Terrarium or a Glass Bowl or a Glass Tank to keep them inside the enclosure for maximum humidity and protection against pest such as mealy bug or scale insect, often ants bring those pest as the ants farm them bringing these pest to feed and produce nectar juices from these plants.

Tip 3: 
Also do invest on a very good fertilizer that is not too strong for these sensitive types where the leaves may get burned if overdosed.

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