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My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, June 26, 2023

Quick Care Tips: Iron Cross Begonia

This video is basically an Introduction to a Begonia species named: 
Iron Cross Begonia 
which I find the most difficult to cultivate and grow. 

I had killed it many times in my trials and error and so I would like to share my experience based on what I did wrong. 

Here - I show how I cultivate and maintain them: My Tips for the Day: 

1) When purchasing the Iron Cross Begonia - Look out the foliage which is the least damaged. When it is very light green - it means that it is exposed to too much sunlight and the center dark area will appear to shrink and fade. 

2) After purchasing the plant - place is a shaded area where it only get indirect but mild light - check and see for the new leaf formation on their coloration. It is on the dark green with the dark pigmentation appearing strong - Then it is in an ideal condition for it to grow. 

3) Place the Potted Plant in a position where it is not exposed to open rain - as in a control position where you can water them once a week and also no water gets to the leaves or the leaves will end up having burned marks at the edges. 

4) Over watering can cause this plant to have root rot. I have placed it on a double pot so as not to allow the water to seep in from below.

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